The Illusion of Democracy

The Illusion of Democracy - Phil Mennitti, 2017: LINK

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The Illusion of





The Illusion of Democracy

A More Accurate History of the Modern

United States

Any actual names or likenesses are used in a fictitious and

parodic manner.


Special thanks to these gifted teachers

Todd Thompson

Gerald Kim Gallagher

for making history so interesting



Table of Contents



Pre Coup d'etat


World War I


Adolph Hitler


Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Harry Truman


Dwight D Eisenhower


John F Kennedy


The Coup


Lyndon Johnson



Richard Nixon


Gerald Ford


Jimmy Carter


Ronald Reagan


George H W Bush


Bill Clinton


George W Bush


The 9/11 Op


Barrack Obama






"Who are to be the electors of the federal representatives?

Not the rich; more than the poor; not the learned, more

than the Ignorant; not the haughty heirs of distinguished

names; more than the humble sons of obscure and

unpropitious fortune. The electors are to be the great body

of the people of the United States."

- James Madison



Plutocracy. Noun. \plu-'ta-kr9-se\

A government ruled by the wealthy,

a corruption of democracy.



Most people are aware

that something is very wrong in our country. Typically folks

attribute the problem to an opposing party's viewpoint, or

who the current president is. Everyone chooses sides between

conservative talking points and liberal issues. Our fellow

Americans tune-in to channels such as FOX and CNN to

receive information passing as news. The whole time the

viewer wonders what happened to investigative journalism or

why politicians are continually re-elected despite

horrendously low approval ratings.

In my last book I covered the money side of what has

transpired to destroy the highest standard of living in the

world. In this book I will explain how we lost the Republic

through murder and politics, which works hand-in-glove with

the money side.

In our capitalistic system we are indoctrinated to believe the

American Way consists of accumulating the maximum

personal fortune possible without concern for our fellow

countrymen. The purpose of capitalism is to establish a class


structure, a hierarchy, haves vs have nots. At the most basic

level this means hate the poor and work harder. After all,

those people are poorer because they are lazier, but the

wealthy have earned every dollar they are worth. I guess

some families are just better quality "stock" than others, that

or we live in a country built on promises constructed by liars.

Our founding documents contradict those principles of a

ruling class. Nowhere is it written that America is to be a

capitalistic society. It was not in the Declaration of

Independence, the Articles of Confederation, or the

Constitution. Nothing is written about aristocracy, nothing

about establishing royal bloodlines. In fact, there is a line in

our Constitution that reads to the contrary. Article 1, Section

9, Clause 8 states "No title of nobility shall be granted by the

United States." Our Constitution further establishes a well

thought out system of checks and balances to prevent

unfettered power and wealth.

Those same founding documents proclaim equality among

the citizens; we are all created equal. Even though in this

poor economy, when any of us apply for employment it seems

that only those who are connected receive the job due to

nepotism. Each community has its version of high society. No

matter how inept the offspring appear, some people just

seem to have the right last name which opens doors for them.


This is especially true in western Pennsylvania school

districts. Substitute teachers are regularly passed over for

some school board member's relative that is fresh out of


These wealthy people calling the shots are not always just.

We the people accept injustices in society and rarely do any

of us seek retribution through violence or murder. We are

raised with a conscience. In spite of fantasizing about bringing

a lawyer, politician, or superintendent to justice by means of

violence or murder, ordinary people do not take action. We

believe in the rule of law despite legitimate needs to eliminate

people from society for their corrupt and deceitful acts. This

self-control is not shared by everyone in our culture. The

higher up the pyramid you look, the more we find self-serving

greed only concerned with fulfilling every want, regardless of

the effect on those around them. Scandal and murder is

completely acceptable for haughty heirs of vast fortunes.

As a history teacher I always recognized this double

standard. It is unwritten in our text books, it is unspoken in

our media, but it is there and it is clear. America does not

function the way we were taught in grammar school. The

reverence we have for our founding fathers in all their wisdom

does not translate into the reality of our current government.

The social unrest continues to grow as we reach out for


meaning and align ourselves with likeminded people agreeing

with us.

My journey down this rabbit hole toward the truth concealed

behind the veil of democracy began with a book called They

Killed Our President. Few people believe that a lone gunman

killed the president in 1963. That book provides more than

sixty-three pieces of evidence to prove a coup took place. Any

doubt you may have had is erased in the very first page by a

memo sent to Lyndon Johnson from the Attorney General's


My research has extended into many specific areas in

pursuit of the true history of modern America. The most clear

and concise history lesson I have found thus far is contained

in a free forty-five page pdf document available online. The

author is Mark Gorton and his paper is titled Fifty Years of the

Deep State. It summarizes my research over the past several

years, and connects the dots of all major events since the

coup of 1963. Gorton's work will be cited frequently in the

following pages as I bear witness in a similar fashion.

Evidence is everywhere. The internet is a valuable tool in

seeking the truth. It is one source where the world aides in

fitting the puzzle pieces together. Censorship has not

infiltrated the World Wide Web to the extent it has our

country's media. Just because we do not see proof on the


evening news does not mean the proof is not available.

People continue to come forward and blow the whistle on

clandestine operations. Unfortunately, what is really taking

place tends to be inconceivable to any educated, rational,

hard-working, citizen. People questioning the official story are

labeled conspiracy theorists and discredited as being crazy -

just as CIA document #1035-960 advised. However, what

most people fail to see is that when concrete proof exists that

contradicts an official story then it is not theory. It is



"I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one

man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a

fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars , while millions of

men and women who work all the days of their lives secure

barely enough for a wretched existence ."

- Eugene Debs, 1918


Pre-Coup d'etat

This chapter is

a little dry, but hang in there, it is necessary for

understanding what comes later. Bear witness to history. It

is not theory when there is proof. Then it is just a conspiracy,

and a conspiracy is exactly what has taken place. As we look

back through history starting with monarchies led by kings

and queens there is always a power struggle plotted by

nefarious persons or heroic vindicators, depending on who

comes out on top. It is always the victors who write history,

but we have socially evolved over the last few thousand

years. Or have we?

The common citizen has endured under feudalism and

indentured servitude. We have been given hopes of

democracy by Free Masons. We have refused to acknowledge

the impact or even the existence of the Thule Society, Skull

and Bones, Illuminati, or the Bilderberg group as anything

more than mere social clubs for the elite. How does it all


In 1831 a privileged young American named William

Huntington Russell traveled to German Universities for the


purpose of learning the "Scientific Method" of Georg Wilhelm

Friedrich Hegel. His philosophy was about manipulation,

creating a master and a slave; the teachings of what to think

and how to think it, and of total obedience to the state. If

one creates a pre-determined synthesis, they then can

produce the most desirable predetermined outcome. 1

Essentially this means: create a crisis, offer a profitable

solution, and reap the benefits.

This translates to the state is absolute; individuals are

granted their freedoms based upon their obedience to the

state by the intellectual elite. 2 These teachings have become

known as the "Hegelian Dialectic" principles. While studying

abroad Russell comes to the realization that controlled conflict

can be applied to banking for the purpose of creating personal

financial wealth.

At the time, the German state had taken control of the

education of its children utilizing the Prussian Education

Model. The purpose of the core regulated curriculum was to

mold the character and thought process of the youth so they

could be controlled as adult citizens. This made them obedient

to the state as education is a form of thought control. It is

1 Sutton, Professor Anthony. The Best Enemies Money Can Buy. Youtube. Available at

2 Joseph, Dr Rhawn. America Betrayed: The Brotherhood of Death. University Press.

2003. Page 2.


unclear if the Germans also established Standardized Testing

of their students.

During his studies in Germany, Russell joins Berlin's secret

order of Skull and Bones. Membership was for the privileged

class, the aristocracy, families of bankers and the moneyed

elite. Upon returning home to America Russell partnered with

the father of President Taft. Russell's brother, along with

Warren Delano Jr. - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's

grandfather, operated Russell and Company, an opium


They created the American Chapter of the Order of Skull and

Bones at Yale University. This is no small detail, and it is no

coincidence that the Skull and Bones list of powerful alumni

is staggering. 3 Some notable members include the

Vanderbilts, the Walkers, the Bushs, and even John Kerry.

Russell and his cronies chose a pirate flag as the symbol for

their charter. The pirate flag implies death. A pirate is a

terrorist, a marauder, a murderer, a thief. He is answerable

to no one, he is above the law, and is without morals or


3 Wikipedia. List of Skull and Bones Members. Accessed online November 25, 2014.


To help finance the Civil War, in 1861 Treasury Secretary

Salmon P Chase recommended the establishment of a

national banking system. The idea was lobbied for by the

Vanderbilts, Harrimans, and Whitneys; all Skull and Bones

families. In 1863, as a means to help finance the war, a

system of national banks was instituted by the National

Currency Act. The banks each had the power to issue

standardized national bank notes based on United States

bonds held by the bank. The Act was totally revised in 1864

and later named the National-Bank Act or National Banking

Act as it is popularly known. The administration of the

national banking system was vested in the newly created

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The office, which

still exists today, examines and supervises all banks

chartered nationally and is a part of the US Treasury

Department. 4

The US Treasury is perfectly capable of printing and

managing a money supply. We had been without a central

bank system for the majority of our history. The Treasury

maintained a gold-backed currency system which was far

more stable; so much so that we were in surplus with no

national debt and not one cent collected from income taxes.

4 Wikipedia. The History of the Federal Reserve System. Accessed online November 25,



Taking control of the money was not enough, the elites

wanted control of the people. The legislature was ready and

eager to establish a new set of laws following the Civil War.

So what better way to seize control of the American people

than through a Constitutional Amendment?

In 1868 Congress created Amendment 14. At face value it

appears to eliminate debts incurred from the war and is

sandwiched between the 13 th and 15 th Amendments, which

were interpreted to be civil rights in nature.

As enumerated by the framers, our true sovereign

citizenship was to our respective states. We were exempt

from income tax, property tax, inheritance tax, etc. Section 4

of the 14 th Amendment changed our status to subjects of the

corporate United States through contracts via Social Security,

driver's license, birth certificates, tax forms, etc. Cloaked as

security and freedom, the Amendment entrapped us in debt

and servitude to their agenda.

At a time when we were freeing slaves, our masters enacted

the framework to empress the entire nation into service. In

essence we regressed to a period of serfdom toiling for the

opulence of lords. American citizens transformed into

indentured servants under a new system of voluntary



The Rockefellers

After being indicted for rape

in 1849, William Rockefeller became a traveling snake oil

conman and bigamist. He changed his handle to Dr. Bill

Livingston, "Celebrated Cancer Specialist," despite being

neither a doctor nor a cancer specialist. 5

Dr. Bill quickly became known as "Devil Bill" while

townspeople chased him from town to town after he swindled

them out of $25 for his cancer cure-all. This elixir he named

Rock Oil was a concoction of laxative and petroleum and had

no effect on cancer despite costing the average person two

months' salary.

As a parent, Devil Bill's philosophy was to cheat his sons

every chance he got because he believed it would make them

sharp. His son, John D Rockefeller, became the owner of

Standard Oil and with his obscene profits would essentially

take control of all aspects of modern American life. Politics,

the media, education, the medical profession, etc. all would

be influenced or controlled by the Rockefellers. 6

John D Rockefeller established the Standard Oil Company in

1870 in Ohio. He formed alliances with the railroad barons for

5 Corbett, James. Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman. The Corbett

June 22, 2011.

6 The Corbett Report. How Big Oil Conquered the World. YouTube, December 27, 2015.


transportation, undercut his competitors' prices, and quickly

formed a monopoly on oil in America. Rockefeller was so

dominant that Alphonse Rothschild copied John's business

model in Europe, and the Churchills created British Petroleum

(B.P. Oil). 7

At the time oil was used in lamps. However the invention of

the lightbulb nearly bankrupted the oil industry. As a result,

mass production of the automobile re-launched big oil's

stranglehold over the general population. Henry Ford nearly

broke free from the oil dependence by building his engines to

work with gasoline or alcohol. Alcohol was a free form of fuel

which common folk could brew at home. Free energy is never

an appealing agenda for the elites, so they devised a plan to

outlaw production of alcohol and preserve profits.

As is the usual goal, a plan had to be devised to appear at

face value to be of moral benefit driven by the ordinary

townspeople. This scheme which was guided by the hidden

hand grew into the prohibition movement and became the

eighteenth amendment. 8 Prohibition was United States law

from January 1920-December 1933. 9 Oil profits soared.

7 Corbett. Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman.

8 Corbett, James. Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman.

9 Wikipedia. Prohibition in the United States. Accessed online,

November 1, 2014.


John D Rockefeller was rumored to have a disdain for his

fellow man. He decided to use his immense power and fortune

to mold a new world. Rockefeller didn't want "well informed,

well educated people capable of critical thinking. That was

against his interests. He wanted obedient workers, people

who were just smart enough to run the machines and do the

paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept it." 10

In 1902 Rockefeller put up $180,000,000 of his own money

to create the General Education Board. The Board was

chartered by the United States Congress in 1903. This

transformed education in all facets across the country.

In public schools the Prussian Education Model was

implemented. This system was derived in part from the

teaching of Wilhelm Wundt and was used in pre-WWl

Germany as stated previously. It established national

standards forcing all teachers to submit to the prescribed

curriculum while preventing deviation. The purpose is to instill

fierce patriotism at the same time it dumbs down the

population generation after generation using a variety of

educational tools and assessment procedures. 11 Since the

implementation of the General Election Board, the United

States has fallen from the top spot in 1902, to 31 st in math,

10 Paraphrased from George Carlin.

11 Lionni, Paolo. The Leipzig Connection. Heron Books, 1993.


24 th in science, 21 st in reading in 2013. 12 As a result social

mobility in America has become largely mythical.

"In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people

yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.

The present education conventions fade from their minds, and

unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a

grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make

these people or any of their children into philosophers or men

of learning, or men of science. We have not to raise up from

among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We

shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians

nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of

whom we have an ample supply. The task we set before

ourselves is very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to

train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just

where they are. So we will organize our children and teach

them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and

mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the

shops and on the farm." - General Education Board,

Occasional Papers, No. 1 (General Education Board, New

York, 1913) p. 6.

The University of Chicago was created to begin the

"Rockefeller dream of education." Some of Rockefeller's

powerful friends recognized this opportunity and followed his

lead. The Carnegies aided the transformation of education

with their institute. Johns Hopkins medical school also

12 Weisenthal, Joe. Here's The New Ranking Of Top Countries In Reading, Science, And

Math. Business Insider. December 3, 2013.


converted as a result of sizable donations. Instead of training

medical professionals in a homeopathic healing approach,

they began educating their students to treat patients using

profitable petroleum-based chemical pharmaceuticals. 13

In 1913 John D Rockefeller and his son, John D Rockefeller

Jr., established the Rockefeller Foundation. The Foundation

was created to rewrite history and move the whole country to

chemical pharmaceuticals as means of health care. 14 They

would also become a facilitator of "approved" text books used

in the public school system. 15 The Rockefeller Foundation

"approves and funds" medical journals influencing

professionals in pharmaceutical, vaccine, treatment, and

procedure options according to their most recent "research."

13 Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. Pages 70-71.

14 The Corbett Report. How Big Oil Conquered the World.

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The Harrimans

With nationalized banking

established at the end of the Civil War, the Guaranty Trust

Company was created. The bank was controlled by the

Vanderbilt, Whitney, and the Harriman families.

Their business plan was simple. They would pay small

interest fees to the depositors while the bank loaned the

deposited money to businesses, governments, and men of

means, at a high interest rate. The money can be loaned to

the families that own the bank at 0% interest, or could even

be forgiven so they would not be burdened by paying back

the loan. Banks, after all, are risk free money-making

machines, if you own one. If someone defaults on their loan,

or if the bank goes bankrupt, only the depositors lose their

money. The wealthy elite never gamble or risk using their

own money.

Bert Walker was one of the Harriman's principle partners.

Bert was the maternal great-grandfather of George H W Bush.

Bert had some political aspirations as he sought, but lost, the

Republican presidential nomination. Bert's son George

Walker, who George Herbert Walker Bush was named after,

had enough political clout to influence administrations of

Republican presidents.


Averell Harriman was then granted permission to purchase

the bankrupted Union Pacific Railroad using Guaranty Trust

Company money. So the Harrimans and the Walkers

partnered with John D Rockefeller, who owned Standard Oil.

Rockefeller extracted the oil, and the Harrimans shipped it via

their railroad. We will see that oil companies have a tendency

to be used to generate profits while doubling as a front to

stage covert operations.

Sam Bush, paternal grandfather of George H W Bush, owned

Buckeye Steel Castings Company. Bush manufactured parts

for railroads. He was recruited to join the partnership with the

Harriman/Walker/Rockefeller families to begin making parts

for Harriman's Railroad.

Next the Harrimans used Guaranty Trust Company money

to start their own private investment firm, W A Harriman.

"The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace

and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more

despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy,

more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public

enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its


"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me

and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is

my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an

era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money


power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by

working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is

aggregated in the hands of the few, and the Republic is

destroyed." - Abraham Lincoln

In 1910 a secret meeting was conducted on a JP Morgan

estate called Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. Morgan

facilitated the endeavor at the behest of NM Rothschild. This

was where a bill called The Federal Reserve Act was devised.

It was written completely by bankers, not legislators. The

meeting was so covert that the banksters used fake aliases in

route to the island to conceal their identities from the public

and the government. 16 Once constructed, the bill was given

to Congressman Nelson Aldrich (father-in-law to John D

Rockefeller Jr.) to push through the senate. Meanwhile

presidential hopeful Woodrow Wilson accepted campaign

support in exchange for agreement to sign the bill into law

once in office. 17 Morgan's reach would extend across the


Author Morgan Robertson penned a novel in 1898 titled

Futility. The book detailed the sinking of an unsinkable ship

billed as the largest vessel afloat at the time. The imaginary

16 Zeitgeist. The Federal Reserve Act - Jekyll Island. Youtube. March 17, 2010. 1:24.

17 Zeitgeist. The Federal Reserve Act - Jekyll Island.


ship named Titan collided with an iceberg in April. The

collision resulted in a high loss of life because the ship

contained too few lifeboats for the number of passengers. On

April 15, 1912 the real Titanic recreated what happened in

the novel with uncanny similarities. The two ships had almost

identical names. Both were believed to be unsinkable. Both

were proclaimed the largest ships at sea. Both foundered in

April. Both events experienced catastrophic loss of life due to

insufficient numbers of lifeboats. Both had similar floor plans

and technical descriptions.

The real ship sailed with three wealthy and powerful people

on board. Those three men were the primary opposition to

creating The Federal Reserve central bank of America.

Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor

perished. By the end of 1912 all opposition to the Federal

Reserve was eliminated. The following year The Federal

Reserve came to be and has been controlled by elites

consistently engaging in activity inconsistent with America's

best interests.

As luck would have it, one of White Star Line's financiers

was JP Morgan. Morgan was scheduled for Titanic's maiden

voyage but cancelled his reservation just hours prior to

departure. After the sinking Morgan was asked fora response

and he said "It is the loss of life that counts." This gives new


meaning behind the quote from the movie "a real man makes

his own luck." Coincidentally, Washington D.C. then became

a corporation, a sovereign city-state, separate from the

country; similar to the Vatican. 18


18 28 United States Code § 3002 Section 15.

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful

and murder respectable."

- George Orwell



As the First World War

broke out most people were under the assumption, and

continue to be to date, that war took place because of

alliances among super power nations. Just like in a school

yard brawl, friends choose their sides, and a line is drawn,

eventually someone pushes the boundary too far and crosses

the line resulting in the rumble occurring. With WWI it was

the Allies of the Triple Entente vs the Central Powers.

Tensions grew as countries continued to align themselves by

choosing sides until the spark ignited the powder keg when

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. America was

then drawn into the fray through a false flag known as the

Zimmerman Telegram. This was a document constructed

alleging Mexico would take sides against us if they could be

rewarded with Texas when the dust settled. What we did not

see were the efforts of the Black Hand concealed from behind

the scenes controlling the puppet strings.


In 1913 the Wilson Administration approved the Central

Bank to transform into the privately controlled Federal

Reserve Bank. Eventually the Board of Directors would be led

by David Rockefeller, and stock holders included Allen Dulles

and John Foster Dulles (cousins of the Rockefellers)

representing German investments with Baron von Schroder. 19

The Fed began maneuvering to break away from the gold

standard which backed our currency in order for bankers to

manipulate inflation at will. Inducing inflation would become

The Fed's only purpose. Inflation is making sure our money

does not go as far as it did last year so we have to work harder

for the same amount. 20

By 1914, the stock market was forced to close for four

months. Europeans were heavily invested in our railroads and

with war breaking out the investors attempted to pull their

money out of our markets. JP Morgan's son, Jack, became his

successor. Jack Morgan called on clients Remington and

Winchester to increase arms production. Fie argued that the

19 The Lawful Path. Ownership of the Federal Reserve. Accessed online December 4,


20 Youtube. The Federal Reserve Explained. Accessed online May 12, 2012.


US needed to enter WWI. Goaded by the Carnegie Foundation

and other oligarchy fronts, Wilson accommodated. 21

The most decorated veteran in United States history was a

marine named Smedley Butler. He wrote a book titled War is

a Racket. In this book he details his service

and refutes every possible excuse for taking

military action, which holds up to today's

bureaucracy by our puppet masters. He

enumerates the campaigns he was involved

with and clearly states the final objectives, all

of which centered on profits for wealthy


Butler writes that between 1909-1912 he was stationed in

Nicaragua. Here his services were applied to racketeering for

the international bank of Brown Brothers. In 1914 he went to

Mexico, where he provided protection for American oil

interests. Butler travelled to Haiti and Cuba where he

provided safety for National City Bank's Collection efforts.

Then he went on to various Central American Republics for

the benefit of Wall St. In 1916 he landed in the Dominican

to the country

21 Doe, John. The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan

Families. 6-25-2015. Accessed online at


Republic to protect the Sugar Interests. Finally his heroic

service ended in China as he became the defender of

Standard Oil where he impressed some very powerful

people. 22

If our military was truly for defense then our valuable

soldiers' lives would not be permitted more than 250 miles

from our shores. Unfortunately, the war was for profit. Butler

discussed the belief that "we must fight the enemy abroad so

we do not fight them here" is a mere sales slogan generated

by weapons manufacturers. They build weapons, they sell

weapons, and they need to convince us to buy mass

quantities of their weapons. So they create boogiemen to

scare us into using their weapons because stock piling them

would not warrant continued purchases. Common sense

should tell us no enemy would invade the mainland because

there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. 23

Early into the war, the soldiers effectively enacted a truce

on their own. World War I is remembered for the terrible

conditions fighting in trenches along the western front.

During the week of Christmas, 1914, the troops stopped

shooting and ventured out into no man's land between both

22 Butler, Smedley. War is a Racket. Round Table Press, Inc. New York, 1935. Page 10.

23 Unsubstantiated quote attributed to Japanese Admiral Yamomoto, WWII.


trenches. Here they made a good-will joint effort to bury the

dead, to exchange souvenirs and alcohol, play soccer, and

sing carols. As the brutal ceasefire raged on with no

continuation in sight, the puppet masters were forced to

rotate in new platoons of soldiers to rekindle the fighting.

Neither side was willing to walk away empty handed.

As WWI ended, the American government was pressured to

seize the Hamburg-Amerika Shipping line in 1919. The

government, however, was not interested in operating a

shipping line and needed to find someone willing to do so. The

Harrimans decided to save the day purely out of the kindness

of their hearts, so they obtained it, but not just the shipping

line. In addition they were given the exclusive rights to 50%

of all shipping business originating in Hamburg and 100% of

all shipping business originating from America. 24

The House of Morgan financed half the US war effort, while

receiving commissions for lining up contractors like GE, Du

Pont, US Steel, Kennecott and ASARCO. All were Morgan

clients. Morgan also financed the British Boer War in South

Africa and the Franco-Prussian War. The 1919 Paris Peace

24 Joseph. America Betrayed, page 7.


Conference was presided over by Morgan, which led both

German and Allied reconstruction efforts. 25

In 1918, Prescott Bush, "father" of

George H W Bush, was a member of

Yale's Skull and Bones society. During

this year one of Skull and Bones most

notorious rituals was enacted. New

Bonesmen began kissing a skull during

initiation rites. Prescott travelled to Fort

Sill, Oklahoma and dug up the grave of

the legendary Apache leader Geronimo. Prescott stole the

skull, femurs, and horse tack. The artifacts were shipped back

to the Yale chapter in Connecticut as a trophy to Skull and

Bones. 26 Many photographs exist of Bonesmen posed around

a skull at the center of the photos, including one of George H

W Bush, who chose the moniker Magog for initiation. 27

In 1924 Fritz Thyssen and the Flarrimans teamed up in

international investing to create the Union Banking

Corporation. George Flerbert Walker was named the

25 Doe. The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan Families.

26 Meltzer, Brad. Geronimo’s Skull. Lost History; The History Channel. December 5,


27 Iserbyt, Charlotte. Skull and Bones, The Order at Yale Revealed. Youtube. November 7,

2011. 58:00


president. The reason this is important is because the Union

Banking Corporation laundered funds to support Nazi

militarism. Fritz Thyssen was Adolph Hitler's primary financial

backer. Then in 1926 George Herbert Walker named his son-

in-law, Prescott Bush, Vice President of Harriman and

Company and President of Union Banking Corporation. 28

These were the men who began conspiring to create

immense personal wealth at the expense of the world. The

stock market crash creating the Great Depression was

engineered. People are controllable when they are destitute.

Fortunes are made during the hard times, not the boom

times. Domestically, this cartel purchased stocks for pennies

when the crash occurred and further consolidated control of

not just Wall Street but international markets. 29

Prescott Bush along with Standard Oil provided loans and

petroleum related products to a German businessman named

IG Farben. He had expertise in developing gases and

developed the poison gas used in concentration camps

including Auschwitz. Farben was a Nazi responsible for

murdering populations of Russians, Gypsies, and Jews. A

28 Joseph. The Brotherhood of Death, page 10.

29 EGWBT, Inc. Prescott Bush and the Plot to Overthrow FDR. Voice of the Raven. June

5, 2010. Accessed online, December 5, 2014.


book titled The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben

additionally provides evidence that he added fluoride to the

drinking water in the camps to sterilize the prisoners while

keeping them docile.

"We were at the worst time of the inflation. In Berlin the

government was in distress. It was ruined financially.

Authority was crumbling. In Saxony a communist government

had been formed and the Red Terror, organized by Max Hoelz,

reigned through the countryside. The German Reich was now

about to crumble." -Fritz Thyssen

Peace is not a profitable business, and the sanctions

imposed on Germany left the country in shambles following

the war. Something had to be done to solidify power and

increase profit. Meanwhile the complete lack of employment

left Germans destitute and depressed, unable to feed their

families. The men spent time in the local beer halls, where an

unemployed artist began publicly denouncing the efforts of

Germany's current government.



"Make the lie big , make it simple , /ceep saying it, and

eventually they will believe it."

- Adolph Hitler


Adolph Hitler

Times were tough

to be a German citizen. The devastation from WWI had taken

its toll. The Allies economic sanctions for war reparations

bankrupted the country. Unemployment was common.

Germany had lost hope and was eager for a change.

That talented landscape artist was unable to sell his work

since no one had money to purchase paintings. Hitler's

outspoken and dramatic temperament led him toward

politics. His magnetic personality attracted crowds which

responded to him as he played on their collective frustration.

In the beginning most Germans did not take Adolph Hitler

seriously, especially when he chose a miniature mustache to

stand apart visually from the other politicians. Germans

believed this starving artist had little chance of actually

winning an election for any office on his own.

In 1929 Prescott Bush announced plans to replace the

existing democracy in Germany. The sole purpose was for

creating a new war, whereby the directors could profit by

selling oil to both sides during a conflict. The investors of


Standard Oil, Hamburg-Amerika Shipping, and the Union

Banking Corporation were dissatisfied over the reparations

payments from WWI eating into their profit margins. They

began to search for the right man to bring about this new

war. It didn't take long for them to hear of the charismatic,

yet bizarre, Adolph Hitler.

Upon meeting Hitler and deciding he was their man, an

introduction was scheduled for the inner circle of investors. It

was at this conference that Hitler explained his plan to take

control of Germany to the cabal. He stated "revolution costs

500,000,000 marks. Legal takeover costs 200,000,000

marks. What will your bankers decide?" 30 The choice was

simple, profit was more important than democracy. Hitler

would be financed to create war. Led by Rockefeller; Wall St

bankers, industrialists, and Standard Oil contributed

$32,000,000 to Hitler between 1929 to 1932, $10,000,000 of

which was supplied immediately following the meeting. 31 It

was this money that directly enabled Hitler's rise to power.

In 1931 Hamburg-Amerika was owned by Averell Harriman,

George Walker, and Prescott Bush. Harriman and Company

merged with Brown Brothers to become the biggest

30 Warburg, Sydney. De Geldbronnen van Het Nationaal-Socialisme. Van Holkema &

Warendorf. Holland, 1933. Page 24.

31 Joseph. The Brotherhood of Death, page 15.


investment bank in the world, led by Prescott Bush. The

Chairman of both Hamburg-Amerika and Standard Oil was

Emil Helfferich. Helfferich

frequently wrote checks to

Heinrich Himmler from the

Standard Oil account up through

1944. This is the same time

period that Himmler's SS was

rounding up and mass

murdering non-Aryans at IG Farben's death camps.

This is also when Chase Manhattan Bank began seizing

Jewish money and gave it to Hitler for use in the war efforts.

There was no shortage of evil men. In 1931, Cornelius

Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute for

Medical Research, intentionally infected human test subjects

in Puerto Rico with cancer cells; thirteen of them died. Puerto

Rican doctors later discover Rhoads purposely covered up

some of the details of his experiment, so Rhoads himself gave

a written testimony stating he believed that "all Puerto Ricans

should be killed." Later he went on to establish the US Army

Biological Warfare facilities in Fort Detrick Maryland (origin of

the HIV/AIDS virus patent # 4647773, the HIV/AIDS virus


The more we

do to you, the

less you seem

to believe we

are doing it.

■ Joseph Mengele


Google Images

cure patent # 5676977, the Avian Flu virus and the Swine Flu

/ A-H1N1 virus), Utah, and Panama, and is named to the US

Atomic Energy Commission, where he began a series of

radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and

civilian hospital patients. 32

Aleister Crowley

Another noteworthy personality

was a wealthy Englishman who was heavily influenced by the

occult and black magic, his name was Aleister Crowley.

Allegedly he became a British spy as a young man. Crowley

was a world traveler who professed he was a prophet of

Thelema, a religion based on fulfilling your everyday desires

without guilt. He wrote the Book of the Law, a three verse

guide to the Thelemic Religion. The press denounced Crowley

as "the wickedest man alive," and labeled him a Satanist. Mr

Crowley is widely believed to be the illegitimate father to

Barbara Pierce Bush, George H W Bush's wife. 33 Barbara's

mother Pauline practiced Thelema and was a sixth-level

initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). The chronology of

32 Press Core. Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer. Sign of the Times.

December 16, 2010. Accessed online November 26, 2014.

33 Canada, Kevin. Barbara Bush Daughter of Aleister Crowley. Youtube. December 26,

2013. 3:09.


a trip outside the country coincides with Crowley's location

and Barbara's conception. The similarities of physical

appearance as well as personality are a match.

Nikola Tesla

Once Albert Einstein was asked

what it felt like to be the smartest man on earth; his response

was "I don't know, you would have to go ask Nikola Tesla."

Tesla was the most brilliant mind of the last two hundred

years. He slept only two or three hours per day, refused to

eat meat, and suffered from intense obsessive-compulsive

disorder and paranoia. He conducted experiments capable of

altering weather patterns. Once he even created an

earthquake in New York State measuring in the fives on the

Richter scale. Tesla is credited with two hundred seventy-two

inventions. Perhaps most notably is the idea of Alternating

electrical Current (AC), which we use in our homes to date.

Tesla was not shy about discussing the origins of his ideas.

He claimed he would daydream and enter a trance like state

where he would commune with extraterrestrial intelligence.

In modern day terms he was able to telepathically connect to

something called the Akashik Record; a cosmic "internet"

knowledgebase so to speak. Here he claims he accessed the


information to construct these inventions beneficial to


One such invention, labeled The Death Ray, was less than

beneficial. It was believed to be a theoretical particle beam or

electromagnetic weapon. The Death Ray emitted an invisible

beam of energy capable of reducing buildings to rubble.

Witnesses claimed it could destroy anything made by the

hand of man in an instant. Allegedly it is this technology which

outfits Ronald Reagan's Star Wars Satellite, and is used by

the Israeli Military in their Iron Beam technology "defense"


Tesla was peaceful however, and dreamed of bringing free

energy to the world. He

created a device known as

Wardenclyffe Tower which

successfully transmitted his

AC electricity wirelessly for

miles. This made him a lot of

powerful enemies. The fat cats selling energy to the masses

didn't tolerate his invention and had it destroyed.

Tesla died penniless on January 7th, 1943 at the age of

eighty-six in room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel. The official

cause of death is listed as heart thrombus. By the time he

was found, which is estimated to be within two hours of


passing, the FBI had already confiscated his lab and all his

notes. When questioned, the government responded that

they did confiscate the materials and review them, but there

was nothing of interest to them contained within so they

turned everything over to the Office of Alien Property. 34

Curiously, the government has constructed similar programs

based on Tesla's work which have cost taxpayers billions of

dollars to reconstruct, i.e. the Star Wars Satellite, the HAARP

Research Station, etc.

The story with Tesla does not end here; it gets even stranger

if you research several other accounts such as CIA

Commando Otto Skorzeny and his claims regarding George

Herbert Walker Bush. Or that Donald Trump's uncle was the

lead military scientist in charge of deciphering Tesla's notes

after death. Or on October 28, 1943 Albert Einstein

supervised a team of scientists using Tesla's notes for The

Philadelphia Experiment. 35 This experiment would lead to The

Montauk Project and then to the CERN hadron collider.

34 Tesla, Nikola. My Inventions. The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla. Experimenter

Publishing Company, Inc. New York. 1977.

35 The History Channel. True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment. The History Channel.

June 13, 2007.


"In politics , nothing happens by accident. If it happens , you

can bet it was planned that way."

- Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR was elected president

for four terms in total. Not because American's were conned

through propaganda, but because he took care of the country

domestically. Times were tough to be an American citizen.

The devastation from The Great Depression had taken its toll.

Wall Street's endeavors had bankrupted the country.

Unemployment was common. The nation had lost hope and

was eager for a change.

Roosevelt smiled and gave America a reason to smile once

again. He put men to work and gave them a purpose. Critics

say that President Hoover was right; that we would have

come out of the depression sooner had we done nothing. This

is like going to the emergency room and the doctor telling you

"suck it up and go home. It takes time, and it will hurt until

this passes." No one wants to hear that. People want the

compassionate nurse to walk in and say "I know what ails

you, I can fix it; here is a band aide to help you feel better."

Roosevelt's plan was just that, a band aide that made the

nation feel better. Besides, had we done nothing, had we not


created jobs and infrastructure using Roosevelt's New Deal,

we would have had nothing to show for our trepidation. We

built dams, we created roads, we dedicated national parks,

and we hired unemployed teachers to instruct adults how to

read. 36

A lot of good came from electing this man over and over and

over....and over. We reformed our economic system, at least

for a few decades. To prevent another catastrophic stock

market crash this administration enacted the Glass-Steagall

Act, which I discussed at great length in A Commoners Guide.

This legislation protected Main Street from Wall Street. It

separated investment banks from commercial banks. It

established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

to protect our money that was in banks, and created the

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to protect ordinary

people from being cheated too directly if they invested their


This worked for fifty years. Right up until the puppet masters

were no longer satisfied with the regulations impeding their

profits. Then they began chipping away at the Glass-Steagall

Act until nothing was left in the 1990s.

36 Roosevelt, Franklin D. A Rendezvous with Destiny. Speech before the 1936 Democratic

National Convention. Philadelphia, PA. June 27, 1936.


Smedley Butler was approached by the Republican

corporate interests. They offered to make him a wealthy man

by becoming their marionette in a fascist corporate state. The

plan was to have the most decorated marine in history take

the Oval Office and behind the scenes allow the corporate

elite to dictate policy. Butler played along. He infiltrated the

group and collected as much intelligence as he felt he needed

to successfully prosecute those responsible. Butler personally

took the information and the names of the conspirators to

President Roosevelt. Roosevelt chose not to act. He feared

that jailing the bankers and capitalists would send us straight

back into a depression. 37

By 1941 Roosevelt was under intense pressure from the

Allies, the military, and the business interests, to enter the

war. The Rockefellers had been funneling significant sums of

money to Japan using their own Institute for Pacific Relations.

On December 7, 1941, the country mobilized with the attack

on Pearl Harbor and the investors got their wish. What

Roosevelt knew ahead of time, what was and was not

permitted to happen, is not as clear as future misdoings in

that most of the witnesses involved passed away before the

internet became a tool to expose the truth.

37 Connolly, Francis R. JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. November 19,

2014. Accessed online, available at


As informed citizens, we all question popular manufacturers

and where their loyalties truly lie on a global scale. What has

been forgotten is who sided against our interests during this

war. The Ford Motor Company supplied tanks, engines, and

trucks to Germany. Hitler was so enamored with Henry Ford

that he pinned the High Cross of the Eagle to Ford's chest and

had a life size portrait of Ford in his office.

Coca-Cola provided soft drinks to German soldiers. The

Luftwaffe pilots would wrap a wet towel around bottles of

Coke, tie them to the fuselage of the plane, then fly up to

high altitudes to freeze the soda. German pilots enjoyed an

ice-cold Coke and a smile in the midst of desert warfare.

Let's also not forget that the Harrimans supplied the steel

railroad tracks leading into the Concentration Camps. Slave

labor is, apparently, the greatest capitalistic investment. 38

Eventually some assets of the Bush, Harriman, and Walker

properties would be seized by the United States Government

for violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in 1942.

Standard Oil would be charged with treason. The hearings

were chaired by Senator Harry S Truman, who dropped all

charges after Standard Oil threatened that if prosecuted they

38 Connolly. JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.


could not guarantee that the Allies would receive their oil

shipments. Those threats were implied by counsel from the

Dulles Brothers during the hearings.

Allen Dulles who would become the future Director of the

CIA, was a lawyer specializing in international finance. Dulles

was responsible for setting up business relationships between

Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller, and the Nazis. He served as

legal advisor for Standard Oil and IG Farben, and he played a

pivotal role promoting United States - Nazi corporate

relations. Dulles negotiated the deal between Standard Oil

and King Ibn Saud where America entered Saudi Arabia to

locate the oil and thus connect the American power elite with

the Saudi power elite. 39

John and Allen Dulles worked together to create the concept

of world domination as demanded by their boss Rockefeller,

whereby control of foreign countries was to be accomplished

by coercion, force, political overthrow or assassination, to

gain access to their resources. This is the prime directive still

in place today, as so eloquently spoken of by George H W

Bush, whose father Prescott - Rockefeller's right hand man -

made his fortune working with Hitler's war machine.

39 Reno, Jaime. The Saudi Money Trail. Newsweek, Inc. New York, 2002.


After Standard Oil twice artificially created oil shortages,

Dulles convinced the United States Government to fund the

construction of oil pipelines and refineries in the Persian Gulf

for Standard Oil, Texaco, and Mobil. Allen's brother, John

Dulles, would become a future Secretary of State.

It was during this time period, the Rockefellers ventured into

genetically modifying food. 40

Roosevelt went so far as to draft a plan for a new Bill of

Rights. This version was focused not on a citizen's political

rights, as the original was constructed, but on American's

economic rights. Roosevelt believed that a free and

democratic society could not flourish as long as its people

were shackled by debt or potential for ruin after hardships.

His remedy drew the wrath of the wealthy and the powerful

that depend on our servitude. Sadly, Roosevelt died before

this plan was enacted.

President Roosevelt may well have signed his own death

warrant as he outright threatened Prescott Bush that when

the war ends he would be brought to justice. Roosevelt began

making plans to charge Dulles, Bush, and Rockefeller with

treason, which likely was the final straw for the powerful

robber barons.

40 Regis, Natalie. Genetically Modified Crops and Food. Britannica Educational

Publishing. New York. 2016. Pages 43-44.


The end of the war in Europe was in sight as the allied armies

pressed their invasion into the German heartland. In

Washington, President Roosevelt's health had noticeably

deteriorated. The president needed a rest, a chance to

recuperate and regain his strength. Accordingly, the president

traveled to the "Little White House" in Warm Springs,

Georgia. With him followed an entourage of friends and

relatives. FDR had first visited this health spa, noted for its

healing mineral waters, twenty-one years earlier in an effort

to find relief for his paralyzed lower body.

At 1:00 PM on April 12, Roosevelt sat in the living room of

his cottage surrounded by friends and family. As he signed

letters and documents, an artist stood painting the

president's portrait at an easel nearby. The conversation was

lively, the atmosphere congenial. The president turned to the

artist and reminded her that they had only fifteen minutes left

in the session. Suddenly, he grabbed his head complaining of

a sharp pain. The president was suffering a massive cerebral

hemorrhage that would end his life in minutes. America's

longest serving president who had led the nation through the

Great Depression and World War II was dead. 41

41 Tully, Grace. The Death of President Franklin Roosevelt. Eyewitness account. Internet

accessed December 1, 2014.


To make sure an administration such as this, one that

valued people over profits, could never happen again, a new

amendment had to be passed to curtail popular presidents'

power by limiting their terms. Congress approved the

Twenty-Second Amendment which only permits a president

to serve two terms by way of election. Congressmen and

other elected officials however are not limited in their public


The timing of the president's passing is questionable. We

are aware that various biological weapons had been

developed at this time. For instance rapidly advancing

cancers and heart attack chemicals were being engineered for

use in "undetectable assassination" attempts. Considering

the political enemies Roosevelt had made, his death

necessitates further investigation.

Another question to ask is "What if Adolph Hitler was not a

loyal German national?" The facts are he was born in Austria.

His first career choice was as a fairly talented artist. He

practiced his dramatic oratory skill in front of a mirror to

perfect his theatrical craft. He was funded into power by

wealthy capitalists. He routinely interfered with his military

general's war plans repeatedly costing the German forces

defeats. There is a possibility Hitler was an opportunist who


found the golden road to immense wealth and eternal fame

as a marionette, who was then given exodus to South

America as the curtain closed on his final scene.

Prescott Bush served on the Yale University Board of

Directors. The faculty worked as recruiters for the intelligence

service. These students are over-privileged, obscenely

wealthy, outrageously well-connected individuals, all of whom

believe they are better than you, and are being hand-picked

in secrecy to manipulate the country.

"Yale has always been the agency's biggest feeder. In my Yale

class alone there were thirty-five guys in the agency."

-CIA Agent Osborne Day,

Yale Class of 1943

Though the war had ended, the Nazi threat persisted. In fact

the perceived risk was so great that Admiral Richard Byrd was

dispatched to Antarctica under a mission codenamed

Operation Highjump accompanied by contingents of allied

forces which included Russia. Byrd was commissioned 4,700

seamen, thirteen ships, and thirty-three aircraft. The allied

invasion was immediately and decisively repelled and the


mission terminated. Byrd's decimated surviving squadron

returned home in less than eight weeks. 42

Byrd began co-writing a book exposing the secrets of

Antarctica with Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.

Forrestal was sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital. At Bethesda

he began to discuss details of Operation Highjump with the

hospital staff. Subsequently, Forrestal was denied visitors,

including his wife, and shortly thereafter "fell" out of his

hospital window to his death. Byrd ceased authoring the book.

The initial expedition to Antarctica was funded by John D

Rockefeller Jr. A large portion of Marie Byrd Land was named

Rockefeller Plateau in his honor.

In 1946 David Rockefeller was placed on the staff at Chase

National Bank. 43 The chairman was his uncle, Winthrop

Aldrich. Chase National Bank was closely associated with the

oil industry. The Rothschilds mirrored this move in Europe.

42 Lite, Gary. Admiral Richard E Byrd - Operation Highjump. Youtube. August 25, 2014.

Available online at

43 Wikipedia. David Rockefeller.



"When even one American , who has done nothing wrong , is

forced by fear to shut his mind and dose his mouth , then all

Americans are in peril."

- Harry S Truman


Harry S Truman

The United States

has carried out intelligence activities since the days of George

Washington, but only since World War II have they been

coordinated on a government-wide basis. President Franklin

D Roosevelt initially appointed New York lawyer and war hero,

William J Donovan, to become the first Coordinator of

Information. After the US entered World War II, Donovan

became head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in

1942. The OSS - the forerunner to the Central Intelligence

Agency (CIA) - had a mandate to collect and analyze strategic

information. After World War II, however, the OSS was

abolished along with many other war agencies and its

functions were transferred to the State and War


To make a fully functional intelligence office President

Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 establishing

the CIA. The National Security Act charged the CIA with

coordinating the nation's intelligence activities and

correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence


affecting national security. 44 Essentially, there was a gang of

people who worked together during World War II and never

got over it. They were generally motivated and highly

susceptible to intrigue and being on the inside. 45

The CIA's principle activities include: gathering information

about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals;

analyzing that information, along with intelligence gathered

by other agencies, in order to provide national security

assessments to policymakers; and, upon the request of the

President of the United States, carrying out or overseeing

covert activities and some tactical operations by its own

employees, by members of the US military, or by other

partners. The CIA can, for example, exert foreign political

influence through its tactical divisions, such as the Special

Activities Division.

The CIA has increasingly taken on offensive roles, including

covert paramilitary operations. One of its largest divisions,

the Information Operations Center (IOC), has shifted focus

from counter-terrorism to offensive cyber-operations. The

CIA has by far the largest budget in the Intelligence

Community, exceeding previous estimates. Details of the

44 CIA Website. History of the CIA. Available online,


45 Bernstein, Carl. The CIA and the Media. Rolling Stone Magazine. October 20, 1977.

Page 4. Available online at


overall intelligence budget are classified; however in 1994

Congress accidentally published a budget of $43.4 billion (in

2012 dollars) for the non-military National Intelligence

Program. 46

Several CIA activities have attracted criticism. They include

nonconsensual human experiments, extraordinary rendition,

enhanced interrogation techniques (torture), targeted

killings, assassinations, and the funding and training of

militants who would go on to kill civilians and non-

combatants. 47

Operation Paperclip

During the summer of 1945,

President Truman authorized a subcommittee of the Joint

Chiefs of Staff to proceed with Operation Paperclip which was

a mission to collect the brightest minds Germany had to offer.

The government yielded 1500 Nazi scientists, technicians,

and engineers. The "official" purpose was to prevent the

Soviet Union from obtaining them and using their services

against us as the Cold War was heating up.

46 Gellman, Barton. U.S. Spy Network's Successes, Failures and Objectives Detailed in

'Black Budget'Summary. The Washington Post. August 29, 2013.

47 Wikipedia. Central Intelligence Agency. Accessed online, December 18, 2014.


The Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) worked

independently to create false employment and political

biographies for the scientists. The JIOA also expunged from

the public record the scientists' Nazi Party memberships and

regime affiliations. Many of these individuals were members

of the Gestapo and had conducted experiments on people in

concentration camps and committed various other war


Once "bleached" of their Nazism, the scientists were granted

security clearances by the US government to work in the

United States. Paperclip, the project's operational name,

derived from the paperclips used to attach the scientists' new

political personae to their "US Government Scientist" JIOA

personnel files. 48

One of the Nazi experiments that continued in America,

under the supervision of the CIA, was mind control. The

program was code named Project MK Ultra.

After WWII ended a Congressional Hearing was held on

Standard Oil's treasonable behavior. The hearings concluded

that "Standard Oil had seriously imperiled the war

preparations of the United States" and that Standard Oil had

48 Wikipedia. Operation Paperclip. Internet accessed December 16, 2014.


colluded with IG Farben, to prevent the United States from

gaining access to war-related technologies such as the

creation of synthetic rubber.

On September 22, 1947, Judge Charles Clark stated

"Standard Oil can be considered an enemy national in view of

its relationships with IG Farben after the United States and

Germany had become active enemies." Most of the charges

were dropped, though a few patents were seized.

At the end of World War II, America's ally and the former

Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill had a

specific view of America's role on the global stage. After

leaving office, Churchill made a decent living traveling and

giving speeches. Fie was very intelligent and had lightning

quick wits. Within the first year of the war's end, focus was

turned to our former allegiance with the communist Soviet

Union. Churchill gave one of his most famous speeches known

as the "Iron Curtain Speech."

Fie praised the United States as being a kindred spirit

leading the free and democratic world. Churchill wanted our

vast resources used for the United Nations. Fie alluded the US

should lead in a role similar to a sheriff. In essence he passed

Britain's torch as the world colonial power, thus calling upon


America to be the world's police. Truman and the rest of our

leaders were happy to oblige.

The king of Saudi Arabia became a major player in the oil

industry at this point. Ibn Saud was a ruthless and shrewd

ruler. As a young man he conquered the Arabian territories

and united them under his reign renaming them Saudi Arabia.

In 1938 he permitted American geologists working for

Standard Oil to enter the country and find the oil. They then

began the long and obscenely profitable partnership of

fleecing the world for the consumption of this utility during

and following WWII. The oil production brought wealth and

even more power which Ibn Saud used to his advantage.

In October 1953, the king died in his sleep of a heart attack.

To date the Saudi Royal Family is among the wealthiest and

most powerful people in the world.

Prescott Bush

The Dulles Brothers

The Rockefellers

The Harrimans

ALL committed treason against the United States in order to

profit during WWII.


Prescott Bush decided it was time to influence American

politics. He chose to do what any free capitalist would do; he

took out an ad in the newspaper. The ad basically stated that

a republican group of investors were seeking an unscrupulous

politician willing to follow orders and answer to the people

funding the campaign. 49 A young lawyer answered the

advertisement; his name was Richard Milhous Nixon.

In 1950 Prescott Bush personally decided to try a run for

office in Connecticut, he lost. In 1952 he campaigned for a

Senate seat. Bush lost the Primary Election and the

Republican Party chose not to endorse him for the

nomination. Later that year Senator Brien McMahon died at

the ripe old age of 49. McMahon

established the civilian United

States Atomic Energy

Commission to supervise US

nuclear technology. Bush took

over his Senate position and

retained it until January 1963. Nixon with Prescott Bush


49 Rothman, Lily. 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Nixon. Time. August 6,



"The real rulers in Washington are invisible , and exercise

power from behind the scenes ."

- Felix Frankfurter, 1952

Supreme Court Justice


Dwight D Eisenhower

After World War II

the popularity of the former Supreme Commander of the

Allied Force's soared. In 1948 he declined proposals to run for

office. The two most beloved presidents in history, until now,

were both military generals (Washington and Grant), and

Eisenhower was about to eclipse Grant. In 1952 Eisenhower

was persuaded to run for office thanks in part to a "Draft

Eisenhower" campaign.

I Like Ike was the mantra as Eisenhower parted ways with

Truman and the democrats. In an unexpected move he joined

forces with the republicans. As we know, it takes money to

campaign for office. The big ticket holders saw Ike as a sure

thing so they approached him with a plan.

The focus in office would be crusading against communism,

Korea, and corruption. Eisenhower was tasked with ending

price and wage controls domestically while seeking to undo

several New Deal policies that adversely affected the wealthy.

He was told that these policies were hindering small business

which ultimately cost Americans jobs.


In order to receive campaign funding, Ike had to agree to

take their man Richard Nixon as his running mate. The

election was a landslide.

As the Korean War was waged abroad we find direct killing

of American soldiers by American owned companies. The

American casualty cost of the Korean War was 33,730 killed

and 103,284 wounded. The North Korean Army, which

crossed the South Korean border, was trained, supported,

and equipped by the Soviet Union. North Korean forces

employed a brigade of Soviet T-34 medium tanks which were

outfitted with US manufactured Christie suspensions. Their

artillery vehicles were direct copies of US manufactured

Caterpillar tractors. The trucks came from the Henry Ford

Gorki Plant or the ZIL plant. The North Korean Air Force

utilized 180 Yak planes built in plants with US Lend-Lease

equipment. 50

During Eisenhower's administration several covert programs

began operating. One of which was MK Ultra, the CIA program

for mind control. It was performed in 80 institutions by

experimenting on unsuspecting individuals. A front

50 Sutton, Anthony. The Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Chapter Two: American Trucks in

Korea and Vietnam - For the Other Side. Dauphin Publications, 1986.


organization was used such as colleges, hospitals and prisons

while the victims had no idea that the CIA was behind the

experiments. The scheme was authorized in 1953 by none

other than Allen Dulles and employed those Nazi scientists

that were given exile to the US.

This program was run by Dr. Sidney Gotlieb who was

director of the MK Ultra Project from 1953 to 1964. MK Ultra

was a secret chemical and biological warfare program created

at the height of the Cold War. Its purpose was the

development of chemical techniques of brainwashing,

espionage, and mind control. 51 Dr. Gotlieb was the inspiration

for the movie Dr. Strangelove, and brainwashed subjects

were the inspiration for the movie The Manchurian Candidate.

In traditional hypnotism we are told that participation must

be voluntary in order to work, and that no individual would

do things they would not normally do against their conscious

free will. MK Ultra was different; it used LSD, Scopolamine,

and other drugs to successfully program the victims to

commit murders unknowingly while under the spell. The CIA

would use this program extensively in future operations.

This research has also been applied to ordinary, non¬

military, applications. An Australian businessman has claimed

51 BLTC Research. Dr. Sidney Gotlieb and MK Ultra. Brighton, United Kingdom. 1995.

Accessed online November 24, 2014.


an agent involved with the MK Ultra Program sold his

knowledge to profit from the retail industry. The music played

and the scents utilized in retail stores are all a deliberated

effort compelling you to spend money.

Dr. Mary Sherman was a cancer researcher working in New

Orleans during the 1950s with Dr. Alton Ochsner. They had

been working on a biological weapons program which

included polio and cancer engineering. 52 The goal of the

program was to create and weaponize a rapidly progressing

strain of disease. The engineers were under the belief their

product would be used to kill world leaders, specifically Fidel

Castro. This was in attempt to avoid another world war. One

of the agents aiding the facility and transporting lab mice

would be Lee Harvey Oswald during the summer of 1963.

Dr. Sherman's death in July 1964 was allegedly the result of

an "accident" while working in her lab with a linear particle

accelerator beam. 53 Her body was found stabbed multiple

times, missing most of her right arm, and burned.

Investigators assert she was brutally butchered post-mortem

in attempt to conceal the cause of her death. Dr. Sherman

had been called to testify before the Warren Commission. Her

52 Haslam, Edward T. Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Trine Day Publishing. 2007.

53 Haslam. Dr. Mary’s Monkey.


murder would be investigated by Jim Garrison, and add to the

conspiracy theory surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

Operation Mockingbird

During the 1950s

the CIA began Operation Mockingbird, a secret campaign to

influence the media. It was initially organized by Cord Meyer

and Allen Dulles for the purpose of promoting the CIA's views.

Taxpayer money funded a few magazines and other

publications which were a front for the CIA media wing. Their

task was concentrated on propaganda, economic warfare,

sabotage, anti-sabotage, evacuation measures, subversion

against hostile states, assistance to underground resistance

groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements

in threatened countries of the free world. 54

In the early days Operation Mockingbird was limited to

planting stories, and using the communist Red Scare to

coerce journalists to cooperate by revealing sources or

reporting stories using a CIA-friendly point of view. In fact,

correspondents returning from abroad routinely emptied their

54 Wise, David and Ross, Thomas. Invisible Government. Random House. New York,



notebooks and offered their impressions to agency

personnel. 55

This drew the attention of J Edgar Hoover who was

concerned about the CIA becoming more powerful than the

FBI. Hoover began investigating Mockingbird agents and went

so far as to deny Cord Meyer security clearance. He tossed

Meyer into the McCarthy witch hunt for communists in the

government, but Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner came to

Meyer's defense and refused to permit a Senate Committee

Hearing to interrogate Meyer. 56 Since Hoover couldn't beat

them, he joined them, and began planting his own

"journalists" in the media touting the FBI agenda. 57

Hoover utilized the talents of a man named Walter Winchell.

Winchell was an American newspaper and radio gossip

commentator. Using connections in the entertainment, social,

and governmental realms, he would expose exciting or

embarrassing information about celebrities in those

industries. This caused him to become feared, as a journalist,

because he would routinely impact the lives of famous or

powerful people, exposing alleged information and rumors

55 Bernstein. The CIA and the Media, page 3.

56 Wikipedia. Operation Mockingbird. Internet accessed November 26, 2014.

57 Sullivan, William. The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI. Norton, 1 st Edition.



about them, using this as ammunition to attack his enemies,

and to blackmail influential people. 58

The late G-Man William Sullivan wrote a book in 1979 titled

"The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI." Sullivan was

an aide to J Edgar Hoover, but was forced to resign by the

aging director in 1971. Sullivan was killed in a hunting

accident in 1977 just days before he was scheduled to testify

in front of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He

was writing the book when he was killed, and his family had

it finished and published posthumously in 1979.

In his book, Sullivan made the following comments about

the FBI's true agenda under Hoover, which included propping

up radio personality Water Winchell. "The FBI's main thrust

was not investigation but public relations and propaganda to

glorify Hoover. 59 " "We sent Winchell information regularly. He

was our mouthpiece. Of course, he became so obvious after

a while that he finally lost his value, and Hoover lost interest

in him. Winchell once had a tremendous audience, though,

and he was very valuable to Hoover then, who used him

practically every time he wanted to leak a story. When I hear

people talk about a 'new' FBI, I know that the changes they

talk about are only paper changes. This public relations

58 Wikipedia. Walter Winchell.

59 Sullivan. The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI, page 80.


operation of Hoover's, this massive attempt to control public

opinion, continues to this day, and it is at the very heart of

what is wrong with the bureau. Unless it is exposed, until

every editor of every weekly newspaper who ever printed an

FBI press handout realizes how he has been used, the FBI will

do business in the same old way." 60

Frank Wisner was the CIA's premier orchestrator of "black

ops" or clandestine services; he eventually committed

"suicide." Wisner was vocal and liked to boast. With regards

to Operation Mockingbird, Wisner referred to it as his "mighty

Wurlitzer," a wondrous propaganda instrument he built, and

played, with help from the press. 61

By the late 1950s the CIA "owned" prominent and respected

reporters from The New York Times, Newsweek, and CBS.

Editors of various publications even believed they were doing

their patriotic duty in complying with the agency. Several

publications went so far as to create positions for active

agents to work as reporters. Dulles however, did not

construct stories himself. It was agreed that the actual

arrangements would be handled by subordinates, this way

Dulles and the owners could maintain plausible deniability.

60 Sullivan. The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI, page 94.

61 Bernstein. The CIA and the Media, page 9.


As the decade came to a close 3,000 salaried and contract

CIA employees were eventually engaged in efforts of media

manipulation. 62 Operation Mockingbird started out as nothing

more than propaganda to influence opinion. What it

eventually becomes is nothing short of state-censored and

controlled media with a sole purpose of misdirection and

distraction by dividing us against one another over petty

differences. This is so we cannot unite as American's and

remove our shadowy rulers from power.

The CIA has used George Washington's Farewell Address

advice on partisanship against us. They intentionally

manufacture division by fostering strict party affiliation

among the people. 63 It forces Americans to choose a side in

a conservative vs liberal dichotomy.

62 Constant, Alex. Mockingbird: The Subversion of the Free Press by the CIA. Page 42.

63 Washington, George. The Address of Gen. Washington To the People of America, on

His Declining the Presidency. Library of Congress. Washington D.C. 1796.


Operation 40

Vice President Richard Nixon

was instrumental in the creation of a CIA team trained for

assassinating world leaders. This group was known as

Operation 40. The purpose behind this team was to avert

another world war by assassinating the high profile targets

running adversarial countries. During the training of

Operation 40 the team had their eye on Fidel Castro, the new

ruler of Cuba who kicked corrupt American business interests

out of his country. Nixon rewarded his financial sponsor by

appointing Prescott's son to supervise the team.

CIA Director Allen Dulles was led to believe that Cuba had

become a "far-left dictatorship, which if allowed to survive

would encourage similar actions against US holdings in other

Latin American countries." So in order to protect business

interests, Castro had to go. Eisenhower agreed and signed a

National Security Council directive authorizing the training to

proceed and to include anti-Castro Cuban nationals.

Members supervising the program had worked together in

other operations such as the 1954 coup in Guatemala. There

a CIA-planned attempt to overthrow the government initially

failed, but Eisenhower sent in military support to ensure final

success for the coup. Some of these agents were E Howard


Hunt, David Atlee Phillips, David Sanchez Morales, Frank

Fiorini Sturgis, etc.

Operation 40 handled everything from sabotage, to

interrogations by torture, to murder; any action necessary to

disrupt and topple unfriendly governments. Sturgis stated

"this assassination group would upon orders, naturally,

assassinate either members of the military or the political

parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate,

and if necessary some of your own members who were

suspected of being foreign agents. We were concentrating

strictly on Cuba at that particular time." The group sought to

incite civil war in Cuba and overthrow the government of Fidel


In President Eisenhower's Farewell Address he made a point

to warn us about what was taking place behind the scenes.

He explained that there is a weapons industry of vast

proportion he labeled the Military Industrial Complex. This

industry is based on profits. He further stated we must guard

against this weapons industry to never let it interfere with our

liberties or democratic processes. He also warned that the

power of money is ever present, specifically in the oil

industry, and said that "plundering for our own ease and

convenience the precious resources of tomorrow must be


avoided. Do not expect to deplete the material assets of our

grandchildren without asking the loss also of their political

and spiritual heritage." He cautioned the country to avoid

becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate; he

continued "we must become a confederation of equals if we

wish democracy to survive for all generations to come." 64

Note the body language

Eisenhower with Prescott Bush

Google Images

64 Eisenhower, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation. January 17, 1961.



"In the councils of government, we must guard against the

acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or

unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential

for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will


- Dwight D Eisenhower


John F Kennedy

The dream of Camelot

abruptly ended in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

According to the official story a pro-communist, lone nut,

gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President

Kennedy as he rode in a motorcade campaigning for re-

election in Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy was far from perfect, he was willing to win elections

at any cost and his first presidential election in 1960 was no

different. He perpetuated the myth of Camelot which was a

vibrant, youthful, healthy image of a happily married couple;

none of which was accurate. As a catholic and a democrat he

was viewed as soft by the southern states,

so he needed Lyndon Baines Johnson on

the ticket to secure campaign financing

and support from LBJ's Texas oil friends;

such as Hunt Oil. Both men disliked one

another. They tolerated each other to

attain Office. Google Images


Kennedy defeated Nixon to win the presidency by the

narrowest margin in our history. The deciding factor had been

the introduction of television; Nixon out debated Kennedy,

but Kennedy was visually more appealing. According to the

data, he secured more female votes, which made the


There was constant tension in the White House. The

president was at odds with the cabinet and his advisors over

military action abroad, he was at odds with NASA regarding

various elements of the space program, and domestically

Kennedy was attempting to root out the mafia in America;

which was secretly working with the CIA. In public policy

Kennedy was pursuing Civil Rights equality; which at the time

was a hot-button issue that faced resistance almost


Perhaps the greatest tension though was between Kennedy

and Lyndon Johnson. Johnson was bent on seizing the

presidency for himself. Both men agreed on little and

Kennedy made plans to drop Johnson once seeking re-

election. In the meantime the president's brother, Attorney

General Robert F Kennedy, was feeding information on

Johnson's murder investigations to the press.

Johnson rose to power in Texas through brutality and

intimidation. His foul language in the White House is


legendary. In Texas he was being investigated for nine

murders, election fraud, and accepting bribes. 65

Time Magazine was drafting a bombshell article to print

exposing Johnson's crimes that would have hit newsstands in

December, if the assassination would not have taken place.

Johnson was a rabid psychopath. 66 When he was young he

tied a stick of dynamite to a dog and blew it up in the town

square. When he was older he beat a mule to death using an

axe handle. Once in politics, his liberal sister became a

liability so he killed her, but he didn't do this himself. Johnson

partnered with a man named Mac Wallace. Wallace typically

did the killing so Johnson could focus on keeping his hands

clean once he pursued elected office. 67

Operation Zapata

Three months after taking

the oath of office, the cabinet convinced JFK to take military

action on Cuba. Fidel Castro's efforts to eliminate the corrupt,

capitalistic, business ventures from his island were an affront

to democracy. The moneyed corporate interests were

65 Tolchin, Martin. How Johnson Won Election He’d Lost. The New York Times.

February 11, 1990.

66 Strohmeyer, John. Crisis in Bethlehem: Big Steel’s Struggle to Survive. University of

Pittsburgh Press. Pittsburgh. 1994.

67 Stone, Roger. Book TV. Interview. Accessed online December 1, 2014.


besmirched and demanded action. Kennedy gave the go

ahead thus green-lighting Operation Zapata in an attempt to

overthrow Castro.

The CIA operational name for the Bay of Pigs Invasion of

April 1961 was "Operation Zapata." Zapata Off-Shore was an

oil drilling rig, financed by the Walkers and owned by George

H W Bush, near the coast of Cuba. Zapata Off-Shore was

named after a Mexican revolutionary, with communist

leanings, who would invade towns and murder every man,

woman and child. It was used by Allen Dulles 68 as a staging

platform for CIA missions in Latin America 69 and was in

danger of being shut down by Castro.

In early November 1960, the CIA agreed to use US

contractors for the maritime component of the operation.

John Sherwood of the CIA stated that "Bush was like

hundreds of other businessmen who provided the nuts-and-

bolts assistance such operations require... What they mainly

helped us with was to give us a place to park people that was


68 Loftus, John. Secret War. The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage

Betrayed The Jewish People. St. Martin's Griffin Press. April 15, 1997. Chapter 16, page


69 Bardach, Ann Louise. Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and

Washington. Google Books. October 6, 2009. Chapter 3, page 60.


Bush would be given a list of names of Cuban oil workers

the agency would want placed in jobs. The oil platforms he

dealt in were perfect for training the Cubans in raids on their

homeland. 70 Through his work with Zapata Off-Shore, Bush -

CIA codenamed "Poppy," is believed to have come into

contact with Felix Rodriguez, Barry Seal, Porter Goss, and E

Howard Hunt, around the time of the Bay of Pigs operation.

CIA liaison officer Colonel L Fletcher Prouty alleges that

Zapata Off-Shore provided or was used as cover for two of

the smaller ships (LCIs) used in the Bay of Pigs invasion: the

Barbara and the Houston. Prouty claims he delivered two

ships to an inactive Naval Base near Elizabeth City, North

Carolina, for a CIA contact and he suspected very strongly

that George H W Bush must have been involved:

"They asked me to see if we could find - purchase - a couple

of transport ships. We got some people that were in that

business, and they went along the coast and they found two

old ships that we purchased and sent down to Elizabeth City

and began to load with an awful lot of trucks that the Army

was sending down there. We deck-loaded the trucks, and got

70 Baker, Russ. Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government,

and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years. Bloomsbury Press. November 17, 2009.

Chapter 2, page 16.


all of their supplies on board. Everything that they needed

was on two ships."

"It was rather interesting to note, looking back these days,

that one of the ships was called the Houston, and the other

ship was called the Barbara. Colonel Hawkins had renamed

the program as the Bay of Pigs operation. The code name was

"Zapata." I was thinking a few months ago of what a

coincidence that is. When Mr. Bush graduated from Yale, back

there in the days when I was a professor at Yale, he formed

an oil company, called "Zapata," with a man, Lieddke

[Liedtke], who later on became President of Pennzoil. But the

company that Lieddke [Liedtke] and Mr. Bush formed was the

Zapata Oil Company. Mr. Bush's wife's name is Barbara, and

Mr. Bush claims as his hometown Houston, Texas. Now the

triple coincidence there is strange; but I think it's interesting.

I know nothing about its

meaning. But these invasion

ships were the Barbara and

the Houston, and the

program was "Zapata."

George Bush must have been

somewhere around." 71

The future US Presidents George H W Bush and George W Bush at the christening of the Scorpion for

Zapata Off-Shore Company. Photograph courtesy of Rowan Companies.

71 Ratcliffe, David T. Understanding Special Operations and Their Impact on The Vietnam

War Era. 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired). Chapter 1.


John Loftus writes: "Prouty's credibility however has been

widely attacked because of his consultancy to Oliver Stone's

film JFK," but notes that: "While his credibility has suffered

greatly because of his consultancy, his recollections about the

CIA supply mission have been confirmed by other sources." 72

The Bay of Pigs operation was directed out of the "Miami

Station" (code-name JM/WAVE), that was the CIA's largest

base worldwide. It housed 200 agents who handled

approximately 2,000 Cubans. Robert Reynolds was the CIA's

Miami station chief from September 1960 to October 1961.

He was replaced by career-CIA officer Theodore Shackley,

who oversaw Operation Mongoose, Operation 40, and other

covert activities. Shackley supervised Porter Goss, Donald

Gregg, Felix Rodriguez, Barry Seal, etc. In 1976, when Bush

became CIA Director, he appointed Ted Shackley as Deputy

Director of Covert Operations. In 1981, when Bush became

Vice President, he appointed Donald Gregg as his National

Security Advisor.

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty's Military Experiences 1941-1963, Part III: 1961-1963

Experiences of and Perspectives on the Bay of Pigs. Transcript available online at

72 Charnin, Richard. JFK. Accessed Online,


Researcher Kevin Phillips discussed George Bush's "highly

likely" peripheral role in the Bay of Pigs events. He points to

the leadership role of Bush's fellow Skull and Bones alumni in

organizing the operation. He noted an additional personal

factor for Bush: the Walker side of the family (who initially

funded Zapata Corporation) had apparently lost a small

fortune when Fidel Castro nationalized their West Indies

Sugar Company. 73

Over 1,400 US-trained Cuban troops, divided into five

infantry battalions and one paratrooper battalion, assembled

in Guatemala before setting out for Cuba by boat on April 13.

On April 15, eight CIA-supplied B-26 bombers disguised as

stolen Cuban planes attacked Cuban air fields and returned

to the US. On the night of April 16, the main invasion landed

at a beach named Playa Giron. It initially overwhelmed a local

revolutionary militia. The Cuban Army initiated a counter¬

offensive, which Castro personally took control over. April 17,

the invasion began as the troops waded ashore. Within

twenty-four hours the invaders surrendered, with the

majority of troops being publicly interrogated and eventually

sent back to the US. The failure totaled 1,202 CIA-led Cuban

exiles captured and 114 killed.

73 Phillips, Kevin. American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in

the House of Bush. Penguin Books. September 7, 2004.


This loss strengthened the position of Castro's

administration, which proceeded to openly proclaim their

intention to adopt socialism and strengthen ties with the

Soviet Union. This led to the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis

of 1962. President Kennedy ordered a number of internal

investigations. The invasion was a major embarrassment for

US foreign policy at a time when no one at the pentagon

thought the president could do anything correct. Across much

of Latin America, the failure was celebrated as evidence of

the fallibility of US imperialism.

On December 21, 1962, Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro

and James B Donovan, a US lawyer, signed an agreement to

exchange 1,113 prisoners for $53 million in food and

medicine, sourced from private donations and from

companies expecting tax concessions. On December 29,

1962, President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline attended a

"welcome back" ceremony for Brigade 2506 veterans at the

Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

As Allen Dulles later stated, CIA planners believed that once

the troops were on the ground, any action required for

success would be authorized to prevent failure, just as

Eisenhower had done in Guatemala in 1954 after the invasion

looked as if it was collapsing. President Kennedy was angered


with the CIA's failure, and declared he wanted "to splinter the

CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." 74

JFK fired Dulles as Director of the CIA after he was double

crossed in a media release. So of course, it only made sense

that when it was time for LBJ to form the Warren Commission

the first person that made the list was none other than Allen

Dulles, JFK's nemesis.

Kennedy's refusal to send in additional air support to ensure

success for the Operation angered many people. Perhaps

most notably was Frank Fiorini Sturgis. Frank trained the

Cuban Nationals and was personally involved in the invasion.

Many of his men died and for decades he became an

outspoken critic of John Kennedy. 75 Sturgis allegedly took on

a lead role in the Dealey Plaza coup to exact revenge by

helping assassinate Kennedy.

The president was at odds with his cabinet over the direction

of policy. He removed all paramilitary operating powers from

the CIA and charged his Joint Chiefs of Staff with future

operations. He began personally negotiating for peace with

74 Burgos, Evan. An Inside Job: CIA a Suspect for Some in JFK’s Killing. NBC News.

November 20, 2013.

75 Youtube. JFK, Sturgis, Hunt, and the Bay of Pigs. Available at


Castro and Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. Kennedy single-

handedly averted nuclear war by secret phone conversations

with the Soviet Premier.

During the early 1960s many covert false flag attacks on the

United States itself were planned to provide an excuse for

going to war. Kennedy would outright oppose them all.

Operation Northwoods

This plan was to fake

a "Communist Cuban terror campaign in Florida and

Washington, D.C." by hijacking commercial airliners, bombing

buildings and ships, and political assassinations. The Joint

Chiefs of Staff expected these acts would create public

support for war with Cuba by blaming it for terrorist activities.

Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer signed the proposal and arranged

for CIA operatives to carry out the terrorist attacks on

American targets. In addition to Operation Northwoods, the

Operation Mongoose program of the US Department of

Defense had a number of similar proposals to be taken

against the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro.

Lemnitzer presented the plans to Secretary of Defense

Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962. Three days later

President Kennedy told the general that there was no chance


the US would take military action against Cuba. Within

months Lemnitzer was denied another term as JCS chairman.

However, his career did not end. He was appointed Supreme

Allied Commander Europe of the North Atlantic Treaty

Organization (NATO) in November 1962.

Even after General Lemnitzer lost his job as the Chairman

of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the JCS still planned false flag

pretext operations at least into 1963. A US Department of

Defense document says of one of the scenarios, "A contrived

'Cuban' attack on an OAS (Organization of American States)

member could be set up and the attacked state could be

urged to take measures of self-defense and request

assistance from the US and OAS." 76

Twelve false flag proposals were outlined in a February 2,

1962 memorandum entitled "Possible Actions to Provoke,

Harass or Disrupt Cuba," written by Brigadier General William

H Craig and submitted to Brigadier General Edward Lansdale,

the commander of the Operation Mongoose project. The

memorandum outlined Operation Bingo, a plan to "create an

incident which has the appearance of an attack on US facilities

(Guantanamo Bay Naval Base) in Cuba, thus providing an

76 Wikipedia. Operation Northwoods.

Accessed online, November 3, 2014.


excuse for use of US military might to overthrow the current

government of Cuba."

It also included Operation Dirty Trick, a plot to blame Castro

if the 1962 Mercury manned space flight carrying John Glenn

would have crashed, saying: "The objective is to provide

irrevocable proof that, should the MERCURY manned orbit

flight fail, the fault lies with the communists et al. Cuba." It

continues, "This to be accomplished by manufacturing various

pieces of evidence which would prove electronic interference

on the part of the Cubans." 77

The president understood the dark forces he was facing. In

a statement that came to be known as The President and the

Press Speech, he said; "For we are opposed around the world

by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert

means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration

instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on

intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night

instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted

vast human and material resources into the building of a

tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military,

diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political


77 Ibid.


Meyer Lansky

Since World War II,

organized crime partnered with the CIA and FBI in a mutually

beneficial relationship involving gun running, smuggling,

money laundering, and assassinations. JFK chose to fight

organized crime despite his father's previous involvement.

The battle between the president and his brother against

Mafia Don Sam Giancana was enormously important in the

assassination. It was this anti-mafia policy the Kennedys

pursued which was making it impossible for J Edgar Hoover

to continue to protect the mob.

Hoover had been the sole Director of the FBI since its

creation in 1935. Despite being known for keeping secret files

on prominent politicians to control them through blackmail,

the mob kept one on him. This is the reason why Hoover

allegedly protected the mob due to incriminating evidence

they had been blackmailing him with regarding his private


As we now know, Giancana was not the only man the

Kennedys needed to focus their attention on. Meyer Lansky

who was known as the Mob's Accountant, made powerful

people a lot of money building hotels and casinos in Las

Vegas. He had been expanding pursuits into Cuba where he

already constructed hotels and was preparing to build a


casino, until Fidel Castro seized power and closed the borders

to the corrupt capitalist interests that had been exploiting

Cuban citizens.

Lansky demanded action. His calls fell on deaf ears since he

was a well-known Mafioso and leader of the Havana Mafia

during the 1950s. Lansky was angered by the failures of the

Bay of Pigs and saw Kennedy as being soft on communism

and cowardly in international policy. He began plotting

against the Kennedys with his wealthy and powerful business

associates. His hit man in Cuba was Charles Nicoletti who

partnered with scoundrel Chauncey Holt of the CIA. 78 Holt was

stationed in Cuba manufacturing professional fake

identifications. 79

The Cuban Missile Crisis

For thirteen days in October 1962

the world waited—seemingly on the brink of nuclear war.

America's military was initiating a blockade outside Cuban

harbors against the Soviet Union; it was an attempt to

prevent the Soviets from delivering nuclear missiles capable

of hitting cities in America. While the tense standoff was

78 Holt, Chauncey. Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel. Trine Day Publishing. Walterville, OR.


79 Dankbaar, Wim. Interview with Chauncey Holt. Accessed

online February 11, 2015, available at


taking place, secretly Kennedy and Khrushchev were on the

phone negotiating peace.

The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred due to the fact that

American military operations were harassing the new

communist dictatorship of Cuba. This further escalated the

tensions with the Soviets because the United States already

positioned nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy which were

pointed at strategic targets inside the Soviet Union.

To level the playing field, the Soviets attempted to bring

their own nuclear missiles to their new friends in Cuba and

point them at the United States. The purpose was to create a

stand-off so neither side would launch at the other without

fear of they themselves being destroyed through retribution.

Kennedy agreed to remove the missiles from Turkey and

Italy, which averted war, but also made enemies by further

enraging his military advisors. Peace is not profitable, and

now the strain on the relationships between the president and

his council had reached the boiling point.


Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald has been portrayed

as a failure and a communist-sympathizing wife beater. His

persona as a lone nut assassin that killed President Kennedy

could not be further from the truth. Oswald was highly

intelligent and competent, and was recruited to be a

government agent. As a young man he enlisted in the

Marines. In the Marine Corps, he qualified as a "Marksman"

on the shooting range - the lowest rank you can achieve.

However, his aptitude in other areas drew the attention of his

commanders and at this time he was selected by the Office

of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and later worked for the CIA and


While performing duties as a "Radar Technician" he rapidly

learned Russian and spoke it fluently within a matter of

weeks. A fifty-year veteran of covert operations was William

Robert "Tosh" Plumlee. Plumlee first met Oswald at

Illusionary Warfare Training at Nag's Head, North Carolina in

1957. This is a facility that trains operators in propaganda,

language instruction, false identities, maintenance of cover

stories, etc. These courses were referred to as "Spook School"

and were preparatory for going covert in international

operations. Everybody who attended this facility was CIA or


Military Intelligence. Plumlee would encounter Oswald

operationally multiple times in the future. 80

Oswald was shipped to Russia in 1959 allegedly under a fake

defector program where he lived for three years. While

working as a spy it is believed Oswald provided the Russians

with secret intelligence that enabled them to bring down Gary

Power's U-2 Spy Plane. Oswald also married a woman named

Marina while performing these duties overseas. Marina lived

with her uncle - a KGB Colonel. The interesting fact is that

Oswald needed a bride in order to remain in Russia. Within

six weeks Lee married Marina, despite being ill in a Russian

hospital for two of those weeks. 81 Some researchers

speculate that Marina was also an agent, that the couple used

each other as double agents for their respective countries,

and ultimately the reason she was never permitted to leave

the United States after the assassination.

Upon returning to the United States allegedly penniless,

neither Lee nor Marina were detained or questioned. Keep in

mind this is right after the McCarthy witch hunts for

communists and during the height of the Red Scare.

Mysteriously they found the money to move to Texas, then

Louisiana, where Lee established himself as a vocal

80 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 69.

81 Vary Baker, Judyth. Interview. Buzzsaw. The Lip Broadcasting. December 5, 2014.


communist and publicly promoted the Fair Play for Cuba


While conducting a rally advocating Cuba and communism,

Oswald was involved in a street fight; which further

established Oswald's cover as a communist. The investigating

officer concluded the fight was staged as a media event.

Several individuals photographed at the scene of the fight are

known members of Operation 40, specifically Rafael Cruz,

father of Congressman and presidential candidate Ted Cruz. 82

Witnesses from New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's

trial would testify that Oswald was working with David Ferrie

and Clay Shaw. Ferrie had a checkered past after expulsion

from seminary school. This included research for the MK Ultra

project of which Ferrie was a consultant. Initially the CIA was

intrigued by the legends of zombies under the influence of

drugs, according to Ferrie, this progressed to hypnosis. 83

Ferrie believed that by assassinating Castro, it could save

Kennedy, and prevent the country from becoming a fascist

Orwellian-nation that waged wars for profit with no clear

victories. 84

82 Wayne Madsen Report. Was the Father of Presidential Hopeful Cruz Involved in the

JFK Assassination? Available online at

83 Vary Baker, Judyth. Me & Lee. Trine Day Publishing. Walterville, OR. 2008. Page

213 and 216.

84 Ibid. 384.


Oswald's objective was to report on progress to his superiors

as he worked alongside Ferrie and Shaw. During this time

period he was also assisting Judyth Vary Baker who was

engineering bio weapons 85 at a lab secretly financed in part

by Jack Ruby. 86

Baker worked for Dr. Alton Ochsner under supervision of Dr.

Mary Sherman and believed that she was working on a cure

for cancer, when in reality Baker was working to create a

weapon for killing Fidel Castro. Oswald reported on progress.

He also transported lab mice, chemicals, and equipment. His

assignment was to infiltrate the anti-Castro Cuban

community in part to determine who could be trusted in the

field of medicine. Oswald's mission was to deliver the

bioweapon to friendly doctors. 87

On July 29, Oswald confided in Judyth, who was his mistress

that he believed he was being set-up to take a fall. He had

just given a speech at a communist rally and spoke

afterwards to his superior about starting college using the GI

Bill. His superior refused and made a comment to the effect

that college was not going to be necessary. 88

85 Ibid. 210.

86 Ibid. 233.

87 Ibid. Page 211.

88 Vary Baker, Judyth. Interview. Buzzsaw. The Lip Broadcasting. December 5, 2014.


Shortly before the assassination the "penniless" Oswald was

again relocated and placed back in Dallas with a position at

the Texas School Book Depository. He rented a bedroom from

Ruth Paine, step-daughter to the owner of Bell Helicopter - a

close personal friend of Vice President Johnson.

Proving that Oswald was an agent of the CIA has been

difficult since his tax records are classified. It is a matter of

"National Security" that we are not allowed to know how

much Oswald was paid to stack books for the book depository.

What we do know is that Sherriff's Deputy Roger Craig wrote

"Oswald worked for the FBI as an informer. That he was paid

$200.00 a month and his code number was S 172." 89 We also

know that J Edgar Hoover issued a memo in 1964

acknowledging Oswald's involvement as a government agent.

It states that "Oswald was trained by the agency, under cover

of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), for a Soviet

Assignment." 90 Oswald's informant number was 179. 91 The

KGB became aware of the plot to assassinate Kennedy and

89 Craig, Roger. When They Kill a President. 1971. Downloaded October 23, 2014.

90 Hoover, J Edgar. Memorandum to James J Rowley. March 3, 1964.

91 Ventura, Jesse. American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the

Government Tells Us. Sky Horse Publishing, 2011. Audiobook, chapter IV, 2:10.


made an attempt to kill Oswald to prevent the Soviet Union

from becoming the scapegoats leading to a war. 92

Oswald claimed he took orders from a man that went by the

name Jesus, 93 and he personally believed David Atlee Phillips

was the man setting him up to be the patsy. 94

These details have entire books focused on each single piece

to the puzzle. This book is meant to connect the dots and

prove that these details are not coincidence. Instead of

getting bogged down with explanations of minute detail,

including pristine bullets and the multiple Oswalds the CIA

employed, I wish to continue with the bigger picture and how

it all fits together. Otherwise this book would be so long that

no one would read it. Are you still reading it?

June 4, 1963 JFK signed Executive Order 11110. This was

an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal

Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by

replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates. This

returned the power to create currency to the Treasury and

would have forced the Federal Reserve central bank out of

business. If the order would have survived it would have likely

92 Hargrove, Jim; Armstrong, John. Harvey and Lee. Internet accessed November 23,


93 Baker. Me & Lee. Page 371 and 457.

94 Baker. Me & Lee. Page 521.


prevented the Vietnam War and possibly eliminated future

national debt.

Two weeks prior to the assassination Kennedy was rumored

to have drafted a speech he planned to deliver to the nation.

In no uncertain terms he intended to declare outright war on

the CIA. He went on to explain that he stood against any

conflict with Vietnam, despite the pressure from various

organizations, and he is alleged to have written there "will not

be a single helicopter flying overhead, nor a single pair of

boots on the ground."

Johnson also made a statement. Two separate witnesses

have independently verified that LBJ was present during a

final pre-assassination meeting at oilman Clint Murchison's

mansion in Dallas the evening of November 21, 1963. As he

left the meeting he said to his mistress, "After tomorrow

those Goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again.

That's no threat. That's a promise." 95

95 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 272.



Dealey Plaza


Operation 40

Here is the only known group photograph of some of the members of Operation 40, the CIA’s

supersecret assassination squad, taken in the Mexico City nightclub, La Reforma, January

1963. To the left (with glasses) is Porter Goss, Barry Seal is seated behind him. Leaning over

the table laughing is Felix Rodriguez. The 4th from the right is said to be Jorgo Robreno,

the 3rd Alberto ‘Loco ’ Blanco. Covering his face with his sport coat is Tosh Plumlee and to

the far right is William Seymour.


96 Accessed online December 8, 2014.



"There is a plot in this country to enslave every man ,

woman , and child. Before I leave this high and noble office,

I intend to expose this plot."

- John F. Kennedy, 1963

Seven days before his assassination


The Coup

President Kennedy landed in Dallas

for a campaign stop on November 22, 1963. He and the first

lady were accompanied by Texas Governor John Connally and

his wife. Richard Nixon had just been in Dallas campaigning

the day before. Nixon went so far as to make statements to

multiple newspapers that Kennedy would drop Johnson as his

Vice President in this election.

Texas was a hostile state to JFK due to his peace strategy

and Civil Rights policies. He was scheduled to give a speech

on this campaign stop in hopes of regaining some support for

the election. The Secret Service was aware of two previous

assassination plots in Miami and Chicago, though the local law

enforcement led by Sheriff James Eric "Bill" Decker refused to

aide in security of the motorcade on any level. Kennedy had

made very powerful enemies in politics, the oil industry,

organized crime, government organizations, and among good

ole boys.


"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open

society; and we are as a people inherently and historically

opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret

proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of

excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far

outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it."

-President John F. Kennedy


The short answer: The CIA, at the directorate level,

assassinated President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on

November 22, 1963, to replace him with CIA-friendly Vice

President Lyndon Johnson. Former CIA director Allen Dulles

issued the Kill Directive to the Agency's Deputy Director for

Counterintelligence (covert military operations) James Jesus

Angleton, a devoted Dulles assistant from before the CIA

existed. Angleton engaged another long-time directorate

insider to maintain the cover-up by murdering witnesses,

Richard M Helms, the Deputy Director for Plans


For mission command, Angleton selected Major General

Edward G Lansdale, a hardline militarist employed by both

the CIA and Air Force. Lansdale despised Kennedy for denying

him the ambassadorship to Vietnam, and was a genius at

covert military strategy. Lansdale planned and directed the


assassination, and is photographed beside George H W Bush

in Dealey Plaza.

Lansdale turned to Floyd M Boring,

second in command of the United States

Secret Service and a close ally of both

himself and Dulles, to prepare the murder

scene. Boring deployed Secret Service

agents to design a slow motorcade route ] p

to a luncheon and presidential address site, chosen by Forrest

V Sorrels Special Agent in charge of the Dallas office.

The bubble top was ordered off by Secret Service Agent

Winston Lawson. The route made a sharp, slow turn into an

open area called Dealey Plaza. There, multiple snipers fired

up to thirteen shots, four of which struck the president: in the

back, throat, rear head and right temple. The final shot, an

exploding projectile, blew the right half of his brain out the

back of his head." - Richard Hooke, 2014

George H W Bush was photographed multiple times

moments prior to the execution. He was standing on the

sidewalk between the Texas School Book Depository and the

Dal-Tex Building. Incidentally, the Dal-Tex Building is where

Abraham Zapruder's business operated. Zapruder captured

the most famous images of the assassination on his 8mm


home-movie camera. His building also had windows open

during the motorcade's arrival in Dealey Plaza. Serious

researchers place George H W Bush on the second floor of the

Dal-Tex Building supervising one of many Operation 40 CIA

assassination teams triangulated in Dealey Plaza. An

enhanced photo of the open window appears to show a man

with George H W Bush's hairline leaning over a man looking

through the scope of a rifle. 97

So why did George H W Bush do it? Why did he supervise a

hit team to assassinate the President of the United States?

The answer is: He became a "made" man in the political world

of high-stakes, global, organized crime. The players, which

included his father, could now trust him. He had proven

himself, and they knew that he would never be able to rat

them out since they had such damning evidence to use

against him should he try.

Did it pay off?

George H W Bush is given the Directors position for the CIA.

He loses a run for Senate; he is given a seat in Congress

anyway. He loses another run for Senate; he is given a job at

the White House. He loses his bid for the Presidency; he is

given the Vice Presidency.

97 Hooke, Richard. JFK Researcher. Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent; facebook Group

Page. 2014.


Johnson was not willing to leave anything to chance; his

future was riding on this mission. Johnson insisted on putting

one of his own men in Dealey Plaza, and he knew exactly

where. Johnson was good friends with DH Byrd, the owner of

the Texas School Book Depository. Johnson made

arrangements for at least one of the teams to be in the

building. Evidence suggests that there was a team on the

fourth floor, and we know there was a team on the sixth floor.

Johnson's hit man Mac Wallace was positioned on the sixth

floor with a reliable weapon, not the official weapon that was

"found" later in the day. We know because Wallace left a

fingerprint on a box of books stacked in the "sniper's nest" on

the sixth floor.

Other known conspirators that were operating in Dealey

Plaza include David Morales, Frank Sturgis, and Roco White

(Badge Man) a vicious thug planted on the Dallas Police force

just prior to the assassination. He also dabbled in photo

editing. Most research proves the famous image of Oswald

holding the rifle in his back yard, with shadows all going the

wrong directions, was White's posture and White's body with


Oswald's face pasted on. From the lip up it is Oswald, from

the lip down it is White. 98

Another important player in the coup was George de

Mohrenschildt (Dee-more-an-shield), Lee Harvey Oswald's

immediate CIA handler. 99 He reportedly was the person that

changed the motorcade route 100 , and was close

friends with George H W Bush. De

Mohrenschildt was intertwined deep in the

conspiracy plot with relationships to several of

the business and oil interests, specifically Clint


With the change of the motorcade route standard operating

procedure was violated. 100-200 agents would have lined the

sidewalks and rooftops. Agents would have ridden on the

custom steps of the limo. Building windows would have been

closed along the route. Snipers would be in place. No one

would have been allowed to open an umbrella or make hand

signals. The limo would never have been allowed to take this

route with such an unusual curve, remove the bubble top,

Google Images

98 Hooke, Richard. JFK Researcher. Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent.

99 Baker. Me & Lee. Page 371 and 457.

100 Adamson, Bruce. The JFK Assassination Timeline Chart. Amazon Digital Services,

Inc. January 2012.


slow down below ten miles an hour, or come to a complete

stop for several seconds. 101

As the motorcade approached Dealey Plaza a man faked a

seizure. This incident distracted any medical and law

enforcement personnel in the area. Once the motorcade

traveled down Houston and began to make the unusual turn

onto Elm, Vice President Johnson is photographed already

with his head down. Johnson didn't even have the courtesy to

pull his wife down with him. The man faking the seizure would

never be identified.

Why would a lone assassin on the sixth floor of The School

Book Depository fail to take the easiest shots when the

limousine is slowly rolling toward him on Houston? The only

reason to wait until after the awkward turn onto Elm St, which

the driver actually runs into the curb directly under the

sniper's nest, has to stop, back up, then continue, is because

of triangulation of fire. Multiple assassins in multiple locations

meant the alleged shooter from the sixth floor had to wait

until JFK was in the kill zone.

As the first shot rang out the Secret Service all turned to

look behind them in the direction of The School Book

Depository building. This critical moment in history was being

101 Stone, Oliver. JFK. Warner Brothers Entertainment. 1991.


recorded from several angles. Possibly the most important

was from the infield grass of Dealey Plaza. Photojournalist Ike

Altgens captured an image that has become known as Altgens

Frame 6. The world's best forensic scientists have pointed out

and proven without question that Lee Harvey Oswald was

standing at the doorway of the School Book Depository

watching the motorcade drive past. Oswald did not fire any

shots at President Kennedy; he was "just a patsy."

Shots continued to volley in to the limo and when John

Connally was hit he exclaimed "My god, they're going to kill

us all." An odd statement in the context of what was

happening, unless he had knowledge of the plot. Witnesses

claim the limo came to a complete stop for up to three

seconds. The driver turned to look at the president as the final

shot exploded through JFK's head and drove his body back

and to the left, splattering the windshield of motorcycle escort

Officer Bobby Hargis.

During the calamity taking place after the execution there

were several witnesses that allegedly saw Oswald calmly

drinking a Coca-Cola in the second floor lunch room; though

the timeframe claims that he ran down four flights of stairs

from the sixth floor sniper's nest, unseen by coworkers, at an

impossible speed, and was not out of breath. Whether this

testimony is true or not he did escape the building before it


was sealed off by Dallas Police. Oswald would later be

identified by Officer Roger Craig at the Sheriff's Station.

As Officer Craig was maneuvering through the chaos he

notes people racing toward the Grassy Knoll and Rail Yard.

Craig observed a station wagon pull along the Elm Street

curb, the driver honked the horn, and a man ran down the

hill and got in. They drove away before Craig could reach

them and detain them for questioning. Researchers claim the

station wagon was used by Oswald's landlady, Ruth Paine, 102

though there is no record she owned it. The alleged cab and

bus ride that Oswald took to arrive at the theater where he

was apprehended did not take place. The time table does not

synchronize with events, and all passengers mysteriously

died before testifying that Oswald was not a commuter with


Deputy Constable Weitzman told the Warren Commission he

encountered "other officers, Secret Service as well" on the

grassy knoll. In 1975, he told reporter Michael Canfield the

man he saw produced credentials and told him everything

was under control. He said the man had dark hair, was of

medium height, and was wearing a light windbreaker. When

102 Baker. Me & Lee. Page 492 and page 498.


shown photos of Frank Sturgis and Bernard Barker, Weitzman

immediately pointed at Barker, saying, "Yes that's him." Just

to make sure, Canfield asked, "Was this the man who

produced the Secret Service credentials?" Weitzman

responded, "Yes, that's the same man." 103

Dallas patrolman JM Smith also ran up the grassy knoll. At

the top, he smelled gunpowder. Encountering a man, he

pulled his pistol from his holster. "Just as I did, he showed

me he was a Secret Service agent ... he saw me coming with

my pistol and right away he showed me who he was." 104

In the mid-70s, Dallas police sergeant David Harkness told

the House committee, "There were some Secret Service

agents there - on the grassy knoll - but I didn't get them

identified. They told me they were Secret Service." Sergeant

Harkness went to the REAR of the Texas School Book

Depository Building within a few minutes of the assassination.

When he arrived there, he encountered several "well-armed"

men dressed in suits. These "well-armed" men told Harkness

they were Secret Service agents. 105

103 Marrs, Jim. Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy. Perseus Books Group. New

York. Chapter The Man Who Was to Kill Oswald, page 118.

104 Testimony of Joe Marshall Smith. July 23, 1964. Office of the U.S. Attorney.

Transcript available online at

105 Hurt, Henry, Reasonable Doubt: An Investigation Into The Assassination Of John F.

Kennedy, New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1985. Pages 110-111.


According to a Secret Service report in the National

Archives, "All the Secret Service agents assigned to the

motorcade stayed with the motorcade all the way to the

hospital, none remained at the scene of the shooting." As a

reminder, tramp Chauncey Holt had been recently stationed

in Cuba manufacturing professional fake identifications.

Next to The School Book Depository building, George H W

Bush identified himself to several witnesses as a member of

the Secret Service. This claim was not believable to at least

one Dallas Police Officer on scene, as Bush was arrested by

Officer R E Vaughn. According to Roger Craig, Vaughn

approached Bush who was observed fleeing the Dal-Tex

Building. Upon questioning Bush he explained he was an

independent oil operator from Houston. Once in custody the

prisoner was taken from Vaughn by Dallas Police Detectives

and that was the last that he saw or heard of the suspect. 106

Seventeen-year-old George W Bush was also photographed

in Dealey Plaza. He was frantically searching for his father

with Abraham Zapruder's secretary, who just moments

before, was steadying her boss on top of the pedestal he

filmed the execution from. Zapruder had vertigo and she had

106 Craig, Roger. When They Kill a President. 1971. Downloaded October 23, 2014.


to reach up and grab his belt to hold on to him while he had

the optimum view of the execution. Zapruder owned a dress¬

making business located in the Dal-Tex Building. He was a

business partner of George de Mohrenschildt's wife. 107

Americans questioned the events that took place in Dealey

Plaza. Typically, we find that the earliest reports tend to be

the truest and most reliable. Public suspicion was fueled by

initial broadcast reports conflicting with subsequent reports.

The earliest reports, even the preliminary report from Dan

Rather, noted that the fatal head shot came from the front,

which were later altered.

Witnesses ran to the Grassy Knoll in droves where they saw

a muzzle flash and smoke from behind the picket fence. The

witnesses had their cameras confiscated. Most would be

ignored by the media. The persistent witnesses were bullied

into forgetting what they thought they saw by law

enforcement, and many died under mysterious circumstances

before testifying about what they observed.

The three well-dressed tramps that were apprehended and

escorted from the rail yard were also identified by forensic

107 Adamson, Bruce. The True Story Behind Oswald’s Best Friend: George de

Mohrenschildt. Accessed online, fall 2014.


scientists. They were Charles "Frenchy" Rogers, Charles

Harrelson, and Chauncey Holt - the paper bag he carried

concealed walkie-talkies and phony Secret Service IDs. 108

Harrelson is the estranged father of a famous actor.

Harrleson confessed his participation in the execution of

President Kennedy, but spent his last days in prison for

assassinating a judge. Harrelson died of cancer shortly after

the confession.

Chauncey Holt was quoted before his death as saying "there

were more mercenaries in Dealey Plaza that day than at a

Soldier of Fortune convention."

108 Dankbaar, Wim. Interview with Chauncey Holt. Accessed

online February 11, 2015, available at



No handcuffs.

The Three Tramps were Charles “Frenchy” Rogers, Charles

Harrelson, and Chauncey Holt. In the background is E Howard

Hunt’s wife who later died in a suspicious plane crash and was

reportedly higher rank in the CIA than her husband. Also, take a close

look at Oswald in the background talking to the officer.


109 Dankbaar, Wim. Lois Gibson presentation on the three tramps. May 16, 2013.



Upon arrival

at Parkland Memorial Hospital it was found to be jammed

from wall to wall with people wearing suits. They were in the

hallways, in the emergency rooms, everywhere. The

president's body was raced in and his wife followed. Jackie

sat on a chair outside of Trauma Room 1 and presented

attending surgeon Dr. Jenkins with portions of skull and brain.

Outside the hospital, brains and blood were washed from

the limousine, even before the president had been

pronounced dead. The car was a crime scene of epic

magnitude and evidence was immediately being destroyed.

LBJ ordered Governor Connally's suit to be taken and cleaned.

By Monday morning the limousine had been stripped, rebuilt,

and all original parts destroyed - including the windshield

which featured a bullet hole from the front. 110 The direction

of the blood and brain splatter along with the trajectory from

the bullet hole in the windshield were now lost. Existing

evidence was eliminated to prevent recreation of the attack.

Inside the hospital doctors were worried about JFK's carotid

artery as they initially notice a bullet hole of entry in the front

of the president's throat along the trachea. They used that

110 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 34.


hole to insert the tracheal breathing tube. Doctors then

noticed the back half of Kennedy's head was an open exit

wound with the cerebellum falling out on to the gurney. Dr.

McClelland recalled that he could look down through the back

of the president's skull and saw a large section of the brain


At 1:00 the president was declared dead. A casket was

ordered to be brought down for JFK. In the meantime, Father

Huber attended to the president. As he finished Mrs. Kennedy

entered and asked the priest if he had given Jack last rights.

The priest replied he had "given conditional absolution to the

president." Jackie then exchanged wedding rings with Jack

and kissed his foot as she was escorted away.

There was a heated standoff over who had jurisdiction of the

body. Dr. Rose stopped the Secret Service attempting to

leave with the president's casket. He stood in front of the

casket and explained that Texas law requires an autopsy to

take place in Texas for murder victims. Dr. Rose was

physically picked up and set aside. He was forced out of the

way as the Secret Service absconded with the president's

body. The procession headed to Love Field where they

boarded Air Force 1 to make a getaway.

The rifle discovered on the 6 th floor was not a Carcano. The

Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5mm was "found" in a subsequent


search by FBI personnel later that day. The rifle had a

defective worn-out firing pin, the telescopic sight was not

accurately sighted in, and no ammunition clip was officially

reported. This lack of an ammunition clip requires the shooter

to load each bullet by hand individually. Without an

ammunition clip, rapid fire would be impossible. 111 Pair all of

that with the fact that a 6.5mm bullet is not physically capable

of exploding the president's head or leaving traces of

frangible ammunition in the head x-ray. 112

Officer Roger Craig, Constable Seymour Weitzman, Deputy

Eugene Boone, Captain Will Fritz, and Lieutenant JC Day

searched the sixth floor in the moments following the

shooting. They found the weapon during an extensive search

and identified it as a German Mauser 7.65mm - which was

clearly stamped on the barrel of the rifle. 113 Gerald Ford

ignored and eliminated this fact from the official report by the

Warren Commission but Officer Craig has documented the

event in his paper When They Kill a President.

Prior to Oswald's arrest in the movie theater, Officer JD

Tippit was murdered several blocks out of the way, not in line

with the theater or Oswald's alleged bus route. The murder

111 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 53.

112 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 166

113 Craig. When They Kill a President, page 12.


was pinned on Oswald, though most researchers believe

Tippit was one of the active participants in the assassination

and was silenced by other insiders to the plot. Researcher

Francis Connolly goes so far as to assert that Tippit's body

had to be harvested to produce a look-alike corpse for wounds

to be inflicted that would match the lone gunman story. 114

The irony is that more than a half hour prior to Tippit's

murder, the Dallas Police issued a warrant for Oswald's

arrest. The murder of Officer Tippit was what Oswald would

officially be charged with later that evening.

Once in custody, Oswald was taken back to Dealey Plaza to

the Sheriff's Station. This is where Officer Craig identified him

as being the man that ran down the hill and rode off in Ruth

Paine's station wagon. In Oswald's possession was a Minox

Subminiature Spy Camera with a five digit serial number. 115

According to the Minox Corporation their cameras that were

commercially available contained six digit serial numbers.

However, the five digit serial numbered units were

untraceable and Minox could not provide sales information.

114 Connolly, Francis R. JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. November 19,

2014. 2 hours 6 minute mark. Accessed online, available at

115 Marrs, Jim. Lee Harvey Oswald's Phone Call Before His Assassination. Youtube.

December 21, 2015. 1:08:34 minute mark. Available online at


During his extensive questioning, Oswald maintained his

innocence and had a personality which made those involved

feel as if he were in charge despite being under arrest. At one

point during his interrogation, Oswald stated "now everyone

is going to know who I am" out of disgust. The inference was

that his cover had been blown by the publicity.

Initially Oswald claimed he did not know why he was

arrested and stated he had not been charged. Keep in mind

that Oswald was a covert agent, he had been to the Soviet

Union and back, he was involved with Dr. Oschner's

experiments, and he helped Ferrie smuggle arms. Oswald's

world was based upon deception. In the beginning he likely

believed he just needed to keep quiet and his handlers would

come to retrieve him as they did with George H W Bush.

This explains his genuine look of shock when a reporter

informed him he had been charged with murdering the

president. As a result, we can see that Oswald's attitude

began to change. In a subsequent statement Oswald

exclaimed he was just a patsy. The department continued

their interrogations, only the length of which now suggests

Oswald started talking. Interestingly, on such a monumental

occurrence, protocol was violated and veteran police officers

claim that none of Oswald's testimony was recorded during

his marathon questioning.


To say that Oswald is innocent is not simply a black or white

statement; there are varying shades of grey involved.

Oswald was clearly standing in the doorway of The School

Book Depository as the first shots were fired, which forensic

science has proven using the Altgens image. He did not pull

any triggers or fire any bullets at the president. However, he

was up to his neck in covert operations. His job was duplicity

and he was clearly competent as an agent.


The Cover-up

Before leaving Parkland hospital

Mrs. Kennedy was asked to change her dress. She replied

"No, I want the American people to see what "THEY" did to

my husband." She didn't say "he," she didn't say "someone,"

she said "they." [The following year Jackie hired an

investigator that successfully uncovered four of the gunmen,

according to her butler. Jackie and her children's lives were

threatened if she ever released the evidence.] 116

Mrs. Kennedy was then swiftly escorted aboard Air Force 1,

which makes a getaway, not a take-off. Johnson insisted on

being sworn-in as president immediately upon boarding the

plane. He added insult to injury by calling a grieving Bobby

Kennedy to mull over his options, then took the oath of office

directly beside the newly widowed Jacqueline Kennedy.

Johnson did not place his hand on a bible for the Oath of

Office; instead he used JFK's Catholic Prayer Missal.

In the uncropped version of the photo, you can clearly see

the celebratory glee on the face of Johnson's supporters in

116 Cafarakis, Christian. The Fabulous Jackie. Productions de Paris. 1972.


the background. Johnson even turned to Texas Congressman

Albert Thomas and he winked. Thomas would later be

responsible for bringing the Johnson Space Center to Dallas.


James Huggins

The Kennedy family

had a personal friend on the inside, his name was James

Huggins. He was an ex-CIA operator who was flown by Bobby

Kennedy to Bethesda Naval Hospital as a trusted witness for

the autopsy that evening. Huggins observed the right half of

his president's head was "blown away." He had a bullet hole

in his throat which was an entry wound, a bullet hole in his

back, and a bullet hole in his chest; which when the doctors

began to explore, The Admiral in charge stopped them and

stated there would be no complete autopsy. The doctors

probed the wound and found a .308 Magnum round. They also


found a second bullet in the chest cavity. Huggins personally

probed the president's back wound with his little finger until

it reached the bullet which stayed in the president and was

not retrieved.

Huggins states that the first shot came from the Grassy

Knoll and hit his president in the throat. During the autopsy

Huggins ignored intense protest of the doctors and the

Admiral and took a glass probe from the tray of autopsy

instruments, he stuck it in the left side of the president's head

wound and pushed the rod through his head which followed a

path originating above the right ear. "They have portrayed

the president to have a bullet wound in the back of his head

that was an entry wound, that's bullshit."

The president's casket did not return on Air Force One with

LBJ and Jackie, it was flown separately on the support plane.

Huggins claims there was a casket on Air Force One but it did

not contain the president's body. Instead it contained the

body of an Air Force Officer who just happened to suffer a

head wound. Huggins believed the reason for the

doppelganger was to begin building a case for non¬


"There were a lot of people involved. The Military Industrial

Complex, the CIA, the FBI, Secret Service, Dallas Police, and


South American Intelligence types were involved with killing

my president and my friend, John Kennedy." 117

To the plotters of the assassination, JFK was perceived as a

traitor. They looked upon his murder as the execution of a

turncoat during war. The penalty for treason was death.

According to them, Kennedy appeased Castro, where instead

of deposing him at the Bay of Pigs, he paid Castro millions of

dollars and humiliated our country. Kennedy also conducted

"unauthorized" negotiations with Khrushchev about

disarmament. Kennedy's whole drive to end the Cold War

with the Soviets was perceived as treachery. 118

New Zealand newspapers printed Oswald's picture, entire

history, and guilt, within seven hours our time from the actual

assassination taking place. It would take an additional four

hours before Dallas Police would charge him with any crime.

George H W Bush flew to Washington, D.C. the following day

to meet with and threaten J Edgar Hoover. Previously Hoover

117 Roy, Alan. Eyewitness Testimony: Kennedy Assassination by Ex-CIA Agent James

Huggins. Youtube. November 22, 2013. Accessed online, available at

118 Hankey, John. Dark Legacy II. Alice in Arms Productions. June 2014. Synergetic

Distribution. Viewed October 12, 2014.


seized Prescott Bush's Nazi Union Bank of New York in 1942,

and now he was again meddling in CIA operations by

investigating the assassination. Hoover responded deftly by

creating the memo recording his conversations with a Mr.

George Bush of the CIA. 119 To date George H W Bush denies

ever being an employee of the CIA prior to his appointment

as CIA Director in 1976.

Former CIA operative Robert Morrow claims that Hoover had

learned in advance of both the contract on JFK and the

ensuing plot to assassinate him. In his book, Morrow asserts

the contract "called for the assassination of the president

prior to November 4, 1964 (the date of the next presidential

election), and was clearly the directive of New Orleans crime

boss Carlos Marcello." 120

Gerald Ford was so close to Hoover that he served as the

FBI director's informant while he was on the Warren

Commission. This is confirmed by an internal FBI memo from

December 12, 1963. 121 The memo written to Hoover by his

deputy Cartha DeLoach states: "Ford indicated he would keep

119 Hoover, J. Edgar. Memorandum to the State Department advising a briefing to Mr

George Bush of the CIA. November 29, 1963.

120 Morrow, Robert. First Hand Knowledge : How I Participated in the CIA-Mafia Murder

of President Kennedy. SPI Books, New York. November 1, 1993. Page 192.

121 Hoover, J. Edgar. Memorandum for Mr. Tolson. December 12, 1963.


me thoroughly advised as to the activities of the commission.

He stated that would have to be done on a confidential basis;

however, he thought it had to be done." 122 The Washington

Post disclosed the memo in 1991. Newsweek had earlier

described Ford as "the CIA's best friend in Congress." 123

Hoover biographer Curt Gentry concurs that Ford was

Hoover's informant on the commission. In fact, in his 1991

book J Edgar Hoover, Gentry notes that the Hoover-Ford

connection went back a number of years. Discussing the FBI's

"favored politicians," the author said such people "were

warned who their opponents would be, what background they

had, and what skeletons might be hidden in their closets. In

some cases, they were even elected with the FBI's help. By

1946 the bureau had become so impressed with that young

congressional hopeful; they arranged support for Gerald Ford.

Ford then expressed his thanks in his maiden speech before

the House by requesting a pay raise for J Edgar Hoover."

President Richard Nixon later described the "Oswald did it

by himself scenario" as "the greatest hoax that has ever been


122 Stephens, Joe. Ford Told FBI of Skeptics on Warren Commission. The Washington

Post. August 8, 2008.

123 Tague, James. LBJ and the Kennedy Killing. Trine Day Publishing. Walterville, OR.

October 22, 2013. Chapter 46: Gerald Ford’s Big Lie and the Magic Bullet.


Jack Ruby

We are told that

in order to spare Mrs. Kennedy further grief of a trial; the

bumbling and incompetent, low-level mafia thug, Jack Ruby

stumbled in to the Dallas Sheriff's Station, and seized an

opportunity to kill Oswald as he just happened to be led out

in front of the crowd at that exact moment.

Jack Ruby was a member of the mafia, he ran a gentlemen's

club in Dallas. He also knew Lee Harvey Oswald since he was

young. 124 Oswald once introduced Judyth Vary Baker to Ruby

at David Ferrie's apartment. 125 They worked with many of

the same people. The mafia, the CIA, and the FBI did have

that working relationship mutually benefitting one another

since WWII. Ruby's job was a go-between for delivering

money and arranging storage of weapons. He also used his

club to entertain important guests to make business deals and

create working relationships.

It was Ruby's responsibility to clean-up loose ends since

Oswald was not meant to survive the assassination and

divulge information. This is why Ruby was let into the Sheriff's

Station and Oswald was not brought out to transport until

Ruby was in position. His tardiness and purchase of a

124 Haslam. Dr. Mary’s Monkey, page 307.

125 Vary Baker. Me & Lee, page 233.


MoneyGram was an attempt at an alibi that the killing was

not premeditated.

While in prison Ruby became ill. Sheriff Decker would not

permit him medical attention but finally allowed a psychiatrist

to examine Ruby who diagnosed him with a cold. Ruby stated

to all his guards, the jail supervisor, and the assistant District

Attorney "they are going to kill me." When Ruby was to be

moved to a different prison, the Sheriff of Wichita Falls

refused to accept Ruby due to how ill he was. Only then was

Ruby sent to Parkland Hospital where he died a few days

later. 126 Ruby claimed he was injected with cancer. Dead men

tell no tales...

Monday, November 25, 1963, John F Kennedy Jr. spent his

third birthday surrounded by people dressed in black. That

morning he saluted his father as the caisson rolled by to take

the slain president (we hope) to his final resting place.

Johnson met with his military advisors on Tuesday,

November 26, 1963 - one day after Kennedy was buried.

During this meeting Johnson signed National Security Memo

273. This basically reversed Kennedy's anti-war stance and

126 Craig. When They Kill A President, page 20.


plan of troop withdrawal from Vietnam. During the meeting

Johnson stated "get me elected and I'll get you your damn

war." The memo granted permission to begin covert

operations against the North Vietnamese and would

eventually lead to the false flag claims at the fictional Gulf of

Tonkin incident that ignited the Vietnam War. 127

A few days after the coup, a drunk and guilt-ridden Mac

Wallace made a confession to Rod Mackenzie.

"There was this meeting at Murchison's mansion on

November 21, 1963 around 7:00 through 9:00 or 9:30 pm.

They called it a Victory Party for Lyndon Baines Johnson who

was soon to be president. Mac Wallace had been LBJ's hitman

for years taking his contracts through Cliff Carter. That was

well known in the circles I travelled in those days so I was

really hooked with the babble of the now saturated Mac


All the big wigs were at the party however the ones that

were not in the know thought it was supposed to be for

Richard Nixon and J Edgar Hoover to be recognized for some

award or another. Everyone was in town for the Pepsi Cola

Convention and LBJ had been there all afternoon. I noted that

127 Bumiller, Elisabeth. Records Show Doubts on ’64 Vietnam Crisis. The New York

Times. New York. July 14, 2010.


I had seen Nixon at the Cabana (Dallas Cabana Motel) that

night as well as in Frank Sturgis' gal's room. Mac said after

the speeches and meeting, which everyone that went to the

meeting in a separate room, was enlightened and agreed that

John F Kennedy was to be shot the next day. Some did not

know the particulars but they all agreed to it and Hoover had

everyone sign a paper to that effect and Johnson also had a

separate signed sheet of paper. So it was a conspiracy of the

big wigs in that room with no doubts.

Clyde Tolson (J Edgar Hoover's life partner) was the driver

that took LBJ, Mac Wallace, John J McCone, a man called

Bishop and Cliff Carter to Pat Kirkwood's "The Cellar", in Ft

Worth, after the Victory Party at Murchison's mansion. The

party was continued, he said, after they left...Lyndon was

raving and really venting with statements that after tomorrow

that "fucking Kennedy bastard" would never bother him again

and that Connally and Yarborough would be out of his hair for

good. Later Cliff Carter went through a check list of the hit

persons they had ready... Mac was in charge and the planning

had been done to the person that would hit the three people

to be shot that next day right down to the amount of bullets

to be used.

The people in the insider's meeting, at the Murchison

mansion, were as follows:


Clint Peoples, Mac Wallace, Bill Decker, Clint Murchison, HL

Hunt, Cliff Carter, John Connally, WO Bankston, Carlos

Marcello, John Roselli, Joseph P Dugan, Richard Nixon, Sam

Giancana, Carlos Marcello, Joe Civello, Don Smith, Joe

Yarborough, Jack Rubenstein (Ruby), Maurice Bishop, Clay

Bertram (Shaw), Jack Grimm, Larry Campbell, George Brown,

John J McCloy, Amon G Carter, Clyde Tolson, J Edgar Hoover,

Earle Cabell, BR Sheffield, John Currington, RL Thornton, and

David Ferrie. All of these people signed an affidavit that they

wanted Kennedy killed the next day and not just one paper

but two, one that Hoover had Clyde Tolson take and the other

Johnson folded and placed in his suit breast pocket. There

was a lot of others at that party and just a few are Shirley

Pauling, Gordon McClendon, Don Newbury, Phil Elliot, David

Blair, Lex D Owens, Neil Spelce, Frank Cormier, Madeleine

Brown, Val Imm, Dick Kantazar, Helen Thomas, Ted Powers

and Frank Cornier. There were others plus a number of

household and chauffeurs as well as three workers that were

used in other capacities for the party (a gardener and two

maintenance people).

Most of the first list were not involved directly in the killing,

however a few of them were; Cliff Carter, Carlos Marcello,

Jack Grimm, Jack Rubenstein, Mac Wallace and George


Reese. These were the people that were at the Murchison

Ranch that also actually were on the hit teams. According to

Mac there were twenty-six people on these teams and they

were as follows:

COMMAND AREA at the second floor of The School Book

Depository: Cliff Carter, Carlos Marcello, Jack Rubenstein,

George Reese

IN THE ALLEY BEHIND THE FENCE and above the so-called

GRASSY KNOLL: Clyde Foust, John Ernst, Jack Grimm, Joe


UNDER THE BRIDGE in case the PRESIDENT was not shot and

above in the Rail Road area (these people were never used):

Charles Harrelson, Percy Chauncey Holt, Charles Frederick

Rogers, a man called "Dimitri."


Weatherford, Roger Craig, Richard Scalzetti, Michael Victor

Mertz (Jean Souetre)


DEPOSITORY in the nest and other set up areas: Ruth Anne

Martinez, Lee Harvey Oswald (under a spell according to

Mac), Malcolm "Mac" Wallace, and Lawrence Loy Factor

THE DAL-TEX BUILDING the team was supposed to be on the

top but had problems??? Eugene Hale Brading, Frank Fiorini

(Sturgis), Rafael "Chi Chi" Quitero, Richard Cain.


This is the list of who was there as shooting teams on

November 22, 1963 according to Malcolm "Mac" Wallace who

was second in command of the whole shooting match. By the

time he had got to tell this remarkable relation of his own

guilt as well as the others I was sure he was telling the truth.

He was drinking hard and he was a violent man as well as a

very well-known hit-man and enforcer around Texas. I was

worried that the knowledge I had gleaned would cause my

demise as well.

This man had no conscience I knew and if he felt threatened

he would do the killing just to be sure. It crossed my mind to

nail him but the girls would have known and I sure would not

do a "no witness cleaning job." I had only killed in self-

preservation in combat to that time and decided that because

Wallace did drink and forget that my chances were pretty

good if I got out of there as soon as he passed out. He told

me his job was to kill John Connally not the president but he

got both of them." 128

Wallace allegedly stated officer Roger Craig was on the roof

of the County Records Building, Oswald was in the sixth floor

128 Hooke, Richard. Mac Wallace's Post Assassination Confession to Rod Mackenzie.

NFESSION%20-%20single%20paper.pdf Accessed online, 10-29-2014.


of The School Book Depository, and doesn't mention George

H W Bush at the Dal-Tex building. These are discrepancies we

have proof to refute. However, his statement should be noted

for historical record, as some truth is clearly contained within.

There were no coincidences in Dealey Plaza.

By 1963 the CIA had strengthened its influence on the

media through Operation Mockingbird. Most notably was their

control over Time and Life Magazines, and The New York Post.

Time Magazine purchased the Zapruder Film and locked it

away for twelve years. The film was edited by Kodak. 129 What

would eventually be released to the public would be a poorly

degraded copy that was heavily doctored to fit the demands

of the CIA. This is especially evident with modern day

technology. If you view the Zapruder Film on a high definition

television it blows up the image so large that any layman can

clearly see the evidence of tampering in the pixilation.

Public suspicion was also fueled by rumors surrounding

unknown individuals making impromptu appearances at

college campuses and playing an unedited copy of the

Zapruder Film. College students would attest that the quality

129 Lahman, Sean. Zapruder Film Analysis Still Disputed. USA Today. McLean, VA.

November 22, 2013.


of the film was far superior in resolution to what would be

released in 1975; that it clearly depicted a minimum of eight

shots fired; that the driver comes to a complete stop for three

seconds enabling the fatal head shots; and that the final shot

was far more graphic and clearly originated from the direction

of the Grassy Knoll.

To complicate a recreation of the events, the city of Dallas

ordered the street to be repaved making it several inches

higher. The city also moved and shortened light and sign

poles randomly. 130 One light pole was moved six inches.

Presumably, the purpose was so truth seekers would no

longer be able to line-up photographic evidence on scene

using these landmarks.

130 Wikipedia. Dealey Plaza. The Kennedy Assassination. Available online at


Hooke, Richard.

Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent.


Hypothesis Confirming Observations

Patterns of Alignment

Hooke, Richard. George H W Bush and the Murder of JFK.



Hooke, Richard. Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent.


In 1975, CIA Chief William Colby testified in Washington D.C. that George HW Bush and E. Howard Hunt were heads of

two of the CIA hit teams, in Dealey Plaza, that assassinated President Kennedy; Colby was subsequently fired. _

Hooke, Richard. George H W Bush and the Murder of JFK.


"One day all the lies will collapse under their own weight,

and the truth will once again triumph."

- Dr. Joseph Goebbels


Lyndon B Johnson

On November 25, 1963

the day of John F Kennedy's funeral, a document was sent to

the White House. While Bobby Kennedy was out of the office

attending the ceremony, Assistant Attorney General Nicholas

Katzenbach sent a memorandum to Bill Moyers of the new

Johnson Administration. This would come to be referred to as

the Katzenbach Memo.

Three days after the assassination the investigation had

barely gotten under way. This was merely a formality as the

government had a specific agenda and any evidence that may

have been collected would need to fit the preconceived course

of action. The memo states, "The public must be satisfied that

Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates

who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he

would have been convicted at trial."

The letter continues, "Speculation about Oswald's

motivation ought to be cut off, and we should have some

basis for rebutting thought that this was a Communist

conspiracy or (as the Iron Curtain press is saying) a right-


wing conspiracy to blame it on the Communists.

Unfortunately the facts on Oswald seem about too pat - too

obvious (Marxist, Cuba, Russian wife, etc.). The Dallas police

have put out statements on the Communist conspiracy

theory, and it was they who were in charge when he was shot

and thus silenced."

To conclude the instructions to the White House, the

Attorney General's Office recommended an official committee

to form and research the events for the peace of mind of the

American people. Katzenbach advised "the appointment of a

Presidential Commission of unimpeachable personnel to

review and examine the evidence and announce its

conclusions." He ended by advocating a quick public

announcement to "head off speculation or Congressional

hearings of the wrong sort." 131

The Warren Commission

To lead this panel of unimpeachable personnel Chief Justice

Earl Warren was selected to preside over the council. Warren

was responsible for the American Internment Camps during

WWII where citizens of Japanese, German, and Italian

descent were detained on American soil. The purpose of the

131 Katzenbach, Nicholas. Memorandum for Mr Moyers. November 25, 1963.


Commission was to find evidence supporting the

preconceived notion of the lone nut assassin and convince the

American public of Oswald's guilt. Warren began to assemble

his team.

After being fired by JFK the former Director of the CIA, Allen

Dulles, was appointed to the commission. It is Dulles'

responsibility to make sure the assassination is thoroughly

investigated and the facts are obtained, wherever they may

lead to. The choice makes total sense, right?

LBJ phoned his unwilling mentor, Senator Richard Russell

and bullied him into serving on the Commission. In colorful

language and thinly veiled threats Johnson treated his mentor

with the lack of respect Johnson is remembered for. The

conversation was recorded and is available online. 132 Senator

Russell was the primary dissenting opinion on the final

findings of the Warren Commission's Report. 133

To prove Oswald's guilt, the Commission needed a theory

which utilized the three spent cartridges found neatly in a row

on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. An

ambitious young staffer named Arlen Specter stepped in with

132 David Von Pein’s JFK Channel. Phone Call: Lyndon Johnson & Richard Russell

(11/29/63). August 27, 2013.

133 Biancolli, Dani E., "The First Dissenter: Richard B Russell and the Warren

Commission" (2002). Dissertations, Theses, and Masters Projects. Paper 1539626373.



the answer. Specter concocted the Single-bullet or "Magic-

bullet" theory. It stated that the second shot from Oswald's

6.5mm Carcano rifle, which had a defective firing pin and was

not sighted in, created all the damage to both Kennedy and

Connally. The bullet "magically" changed direction several

times in midair causing seven entry wounds and seven exit

wounds in total before departing Connally's wrist in pristine

condition. Specter theorized the first shot was the missed

shot that hit a curb and wounded onlooker James Tague's

cheek near the underpass, and the third shot was the fatal

shot to the president's head.

Specter's eagerness to play ball won him a career seat in

the Pennsylvania Senate as his reward. I am from

Pennsylvania. I cannot name a single person who has ever

admitted to voting for Arlen Specter. This is troubling. Not

only does this suggest that we have not legitimately elected

a president since 1963, but it also implies that other high-

profile leadership positions are filled in a non-democratic


Specter could not prove the "Magic-bullet" theory without

help. Congressman Gerald Ford forged the autopsy records

and moved the position of the bullet hole in the president's

back. He raised the wound up higher so the trajectory of the

bullet's magical path could be somewhat believable by


rational people. 134 Ford also eliminated from the report that

the first search of the Texas School Book Depository

recovered a Mauser 7.65mm rifle on the sixth floor.

Respected researcher and author Richard Charnin has

detailed other sinister findings. Charnin focused his attention

on the fifty-one witnesses that claimed shots were fired from

the Grassy Knoll area. 135 Those fifty-one witnesses were

bullied in attempted coercion and then ignored by the final


The Commission, failing to change the memories of

witnesses, dismissed them with a wave of the hand. "No

credible evidence," says the Report, "suggests that the shots

were fired from the railroad bridge over the Triple Underpass,

the nearby railroad yards or any place other than the Texas

School Book Depository." 136

"No credible evidence! It is clear how the Commission

reached this absurd conclusion. Once it was committed to the

thesis that there could be only one assassin and no

accomplices, it readily accepted the clues pointing to Lee

Oswald in the TSBD (The School Book Depository). Now that

the assassin and his place were identified, it became

134 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 221.

135 Feldman, Harold. Fifty-One Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll. The Nation. 1965.

Available online, l_wits.html

136 Warren Commission Final Report, page 61.


'incredible' that any other assassin or any other source of

shots could exist. Ergo, any evidence that there was another

assassin and another shot source is not 'credible'." 137 -Richard


CIA Document #1035-960

The CIA went into

damage control mode utilizing Operation Mockingbird to

combat widespread disbelief after the Warren Commission

Report was released to the public finding Lee Harvey Oswald

as the lone assassin. They issued CIA document #1035-960,

CIA Instructions to Media Assets: RE: Concerning Criticism

of the Warren Report. It was marked "DESTROY WHEN NO

LONGER NEEDED" plus "PSYCH" and "CS" for Psychological

Warfare Unit of Clandestine Services Department of United

States Central Intelligence Agency. 138

The document instructs on the "discrediting of the

conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such

claims in other countries." Section three instructs the media

to assert that conspiracy talk is being deliberately generated

by communist propagandists. It continues that assets are to

137 Charnin, Richard. JFK. JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud Analysis.

138 Ventura. They Killed Our President, page 241.


point out that dissenting opinions against the Commission's

Report are to be either (I) wedded to theories adopted before

the evidence was in, (II) politically motivated, (III) financially

motivated, (IV) hasty or inaccurate in their research, or (V)

infatuated with their own theories.

The CIA suggests that when encountering conspiracy

theorists that reporters should single them out and employ

Epstein's theory for attack.

Section four provides specific talking points which we have

heard repeatedly since 1963. They instruct the media to insist

that RFK would be the last man to overlook or conceal any

conspiracy. That Ford would not have held his tongue for the

sake of the democratic administration. That Senator Russell

would have had every political interest in exposing misdeeds

on the part of Chief Justice Warren. That a conspirator would

not choose a location for shooting where so much depended

on conditions beyond his control: the route, the speed of the

car, the moving target, and the risk that the assassin would

be discovered. And that a group of wealthy conspirators could

have arranged much more secure conditions. Section four

continues that any vague accusations concerning mysterious

witness deaths can always be explained in some natural way.


The final instructions in the document are to counter

speculation whenever possible by referencing the Warren

Commission Report itself. 139

Robert F Kennedy

Bobby Kennedy knew

who was behind his brother's coup. Agent Huggins provided

Bobby with information, even autopsy photos. Bobby ran for

president in order to have the power to bring those

responsible to justice. Unfortunately the CIA was one step

ahead of him. CIA Chief of Counter Intelligence, James Jesus

Angleton had Bobby's phones bugged since discovering he

was acting as a mediator to go between JFK and Khrushchev

while negotiating peace. 140 This was treason as far as they

were concerned, after working so hard to create a cold war;

it was only a matter of time before Bobby would have to be

killed too.

RFK had just won the Primary Election and polls showed him

as the favorite to win in November. While campaigning he

gave a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on

139 CIA Document #1035-960. RE: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report. April 1,

1967. Available online,


140 Hooke, Richard. Bobby Kennedy - Reasons He Had to Be Killed single paper.pdf

Accessed online December 29, 2014. Facebook Group: Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent!


June 6, 1968. As he was being escorted away by security,

they broke with protocol and the procession detoured through

the hotel's kitchen where Kennedy was shot and killed.

The patsy blamed for the assassination was a man named

Sirhan Sirhan who had been processed by the MK Ultra

program. The official story claims Sirhan shot Bobby in the

back of the head at point blank range, though security guards

testified Sirhan never got close enough to fire those shots and

only fired into the air wildly as a distraction. The kitchen crime

scene sustained thirteen shots as confirmed by audio

recording; Sirhan's pistol could only hold eight bullets.

Witnesses, who would not be permitted to testify, identified

the shooter as Thane Eugene Cesar, another CIA agent. As

the assassination unfolded, witnesses all reported a woman

in a polka-dot dress. She served to distract the procession

while "activating" Sirhan. She then ran down a fire escape

yelling "we shot him." Investigating officers made three

records of these eye-witness accounts, all of which


In all, 1200 photographs were confiscated and destroyed.

Scott Enyart photographed the assassination while standing

on a table. His rolls of film were confiscated by authorities.

Enyart petitioned the courts for return of his film. He received


eighteen photos back, and those photos were promptly stolen

from his car on the way home. 141

Dr. William J Bryan was employed by the CIA and FBI. He

served as the technical advisor for the movie The Manchurian

Candidate. Dr. Bryan phoned KABC radio and explained on-

air what had happened. He would later go on to establish the

American Institute of Hypnosis, and would hypnotize the

Boston Strangler in prison after being arrested.

Liaison for the FBI and LAPD, Dr. William Kroger wrote a

book on mystical orders, hypnosis, and auto-hypnosis using

the pseudonym Jonathan Risner. His co-author from the book

claimed Dr. Kroger programmed Sirhan. Dr. Kroger knew Jack

Ruby, Sam Giancana, and Jack White the Chief Field Officer

for MK Ultra. 142

Sirhan repetitiously wrote the phrases "RFK must die,"

"$100,000," and "Please pay to the order of Sirhan" in a

notebook. Upon arrest Sirhan immediately selected attorney

Grant Cooper from a list, despite never having heard of him

before. Cooper took the case for free. Previously he had

experience representing Johnny Roselli, and he created the

motive that Sirhan had been upset with RFK for providing jets

141 Ventura. American Conspiracies. Chapter VI, 12:20.

142 Ventura. American Conspiracies. Chapter VI, 25:30 - 26:45


to Israel. Sirhan first asked Cooper "If I got the money, where

is it?" Sirhan later stated "Cooper sold me out." 143

Operation Mockingbird was solidified with the death of RFK.

At this point the CIA begins to control the media with a

purpose of dividing and distracting us over trivial issues so

we do not unite against them.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King had to be silenced

to end the anti-war movement which had been gaining

momentum. Dr. King spoke of peace and equality. Peace is

not profitable, so

Operation Detachment

Alpha 184 snipers were

dispatched to Memphis

April 4, 1968 to insure the

assassination succeeded.

James Earl Ray was

merely another patsy. The King family met with Ray in prison,

he told them he didn't kill Dr. King, and they believe him. The

assassination was handled by Carlos Marcello using local

mafia hit men to make the actual kill. 144 As with other high-

143 Ventura. American Conspiracies. Chapter VI, 26:50.

144 Gorton. Fifty Years of the Deep State, page 8.


profile assassinations, the targets are always under military

intelligence surveillance, but the surveillance never notices

the true assassins.

Ray was obsessed with hypnosis and he met with Dr. Xavier

von Koss from the MK Ultra program on multiple occasions.

Ray repetitiously wrote a phrase that now was "the time for

all good men to come to the aide of their country." 145

The King family filed a wrongful death suit in circuit court in

1999, though it was not covered by the media. The transcript

is available online at The King Center. Judge Joe Brown spent

two years examining technical questions regarding the

murder weapon and said that 67% of the bullets from the test

did not match the murder weapon. He was subsequently

removed from the case for showing bias.

Anomalies abound as witnesses at the scene claimed the

shot was fired from the bushes on the retaining wall. Those

bushes were promptly removed and the site altered. The

bullet recovered did not fit the cartridge for the alleged rifle,

the rifle was not sighted-in, and Ray did not possess the skill

to make the shot. Four police units were mysteriously

withdrawn from the area. 146 Sound familiar?

145 Ventura. American Conspiracies. Chapter V, 29:15.

146 Ventura. American Conspiracies. Chapter V.



As President Johnson

sent the country to war in Vietnam using untruths regarding

the Gulf of Tonkin incident, 147 Bell Helicopter profited

substantially. Bell Helicopter was going bankrupt until The

First National Bank of Boston, approached the CIA about

redesigning it for use in South East Asia. The owner of Bell

Helicopter was Ruth Paine's step-father, Arthur Young.

Young's partner and designer of the helicopter was President

Johnson's personal pilot, Joseph Mashman. 148

The F-lll fighter jet was manufactured by General

Dynamics of Fort Worth, TX. This company originally was

started by Arthur Leopold Busch and would eventually be

owned by Lockheed Martin. Secretary of Defense, Robert

McNamara, chose General Dynamics after four rounds of

bidding over Boeing.

The North Vietnamese were so out-gunned and out-manned

that the planners had to make adjustments; otherwise the

war would have ended in months. The US Generals decided

to decrease the number of soldiers drafted and maintain a

force where the battle lines stayed relatively in the same

147 Wikipedia. Pentagon Papers. Available online at

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location. This policy was reinforced by strategic planning to

return US Soldiers to base camps rather than allow them to

defend land they had fought to liberate. The generals also

facilitated alcohol and drug shipments to keep our soldiers

impaired on a regular basis. 149

Ford Motor Company upgraded the Viet Cong's capabilities

by sending vehicles to the Soviet's Gorkey plant in Russia to

then be shipped to the battlefront. It just so happens that the

former president of Ford Motor Company was Secretary of

Defense McNamara. 150 Fie played a major role in escalating

US involvement in the Vietnam War and would go on to lead

the World Bank from 1968-1981. 151

The concept of equipping the Vietcong would come from

[Nixon's] National Security Advisor Flenry Kissinger, who

reportedly sold the idea that by giving military technology to

the Soviets would temper their global territorial ambitions. It

is sufficient to state that Kissinger aroused considerable

concern over his motivations, including his Madman

149 McElroy, Wendy. U.S. Government Guilty of Creating Heroin Addicts. The Daily Bell.

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Strategy. 152 Not least of which that he had been a paid family

employee of the Rockefellers since 1958 and has served as

International Advisory Committee Chairman of the Chase

Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller concern. 153

The CIA initiated the Phoenix Program of recruiting

hardened criminals, Viet Cong defectors, and various ethnic

minorities like the Hmong, and Montagnards forming brutal

death squads trained in methods of covert war. They would

sneak into a village at night and brutally slaughter someone

they suspected of working with the National Liberation Front

(NLF) along with their families and witnesses, and then hope

the attack would be blamed on the Viet Cong themselves.

Ironically, they called the tactic counter terror, when what

they were doing was actual terrorism.

US Special Forces acted as advisers sometimes training the

Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRU) guerilla teams, they

were, and continue to be, CIA foot soldiers. 154 The CIA also

staged false flag terror attacks by bombing theaters and

152 Burr, William and Kimball, Jeffrey. Nixon, Kissinger, and the Madman Strategy during

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blaming it on Viet Cong "terrorists." 155 Operatives preyed on

Vietnamese beliefs about the afterlife to add additional horror

to their murders. The Vietnamese believed the liver and the

third eye were important to reaching heaven. The CIA would

have the PRU cut out their victims' pineal gland and even have

them eat their liver. Thus, their victims would not only be

killed but denied an afterlife. 156 Ed Lansdale would further

terrorize Viet Cong using psychological warfare by painting

the Eye of God identifying homes of guerilla supporters, then

return to kidnap, torture, and butcher the residents. 157

Prisons and black sites were constructed all over the

country. Prisoners were subjected to horrific tortures,

starvation, beatings, electric shock, and rape. The purpose

was for intelligence collection. The CIA maintained a network

of spies throughout the country and it attempted to assemble

a master list of all the NLF members in South Vietnam.

After the fall of Diem, Vietnam experienced a long string of

coups as South Vietnam's generals battled each other for

control. Warlords and assets sought to use their positions to

155 Corbett, James. Interview 709 - Douglas Valentine on Ellsberg and the CIA. The July 17, 2013.

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profit through drug dealing, embezzlement, prostitution and

protection rackets. Many US contractors, military officers and

CIA agents also managed to earn fortunes in various corrupt

schemes. 158

The war was undertaken to enrich the corporate elite back

home using Hegelian Dialectic Principles and the CIA wanted

their cut of profits. In Laos much of the war centered over

control of the opium poppy fields. 159 The CIA ran a front

airline named Air America that smuggled in guns and

smuggled out drugs. 160

Tactics of Phoenix are common among counter-insurgency

campaigns. The US sent the exact same people involved in

the Phoenix program to advise El Salvador on how to wage

war on its own peasants. From there the same schemes were

employed all around Central America in the 1980s, then to

Iraq in the 1990s, then to Afghanistan, and Syria.

The legacy of the Phoenix Program is one of terror, torture,

and death. The United Nations declared the US had a

responsibility to insure South Vietnam adhered to the Geneva

Convention regarding treatment of prisoners, since the US

158 Turner. The CIA’s “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam and the “War on Terror.”

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had designed and funded their prison system. William Colby

was called before congress where he denied that the Phoenix

Program was an assassination operation but merely an effort

to coordinate intelligence gathering.

At a speaking engagement a reporter hounded the president

by repeatedly asking for an explanation on America's

involvement in Vietnam. An annoyed LBJ finally stopped

ignoring the reporter, faced him, unzipped his pants, and

pulled out his member which he referred to as "Jumbo."

Johnson's response to the stunned reporter was "This is why"

and walked away. 161

The Vietnam whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the

Pentagon Papers would become entangled not just in

Vietnam, but also Watergate. Ellsberg was employed under

Secretary of Defense McNamara at the Pentagon. His expose

would prove that the Johnson Administration "systematically

lied, not only to the public but also to Congress." 162

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By the end of the war 58,148 Americans were killed in

Vietnam, 61% were younger than twenty-one years of age. 163

Approximately 12,000 helicopters saw action. The Defense

POW/MIA Accounting Agency lists 1,618 Americans

unaccounted for in South East Asia. 164

Johnson, one of the most driven and power-hungry men to

ever hold office dropped out of presidential contention in 1968

choosing not to seek re-election.

163 Hanson, Capt. Marshall, USNR (Ret), Beaton, Capt. Scott. Vietnam War: Facts, Stats &

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"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have

been fooled."

- Mark Twain


Richard Nixon

Nixon campaigned in the 1968 election

with financing by Prescott Bush. The Rockefellers assisted

under the stipulation that Henry Kissinger would receive a

cabinet position. Karl Rove was the propaganda minister

spinning stories to help Nixon face a lesser opponent on

Election Day. This was also facilitated by 3 rd party candidate

George Wallace being shot because he was taking votes away

from Nixon. The injury forced Wallace to withdraw from the

race. Despite fewer than three out of five Americans voting,

Nixon would be victorious even though Dick Gregory

accidentally won Pennsylvania through vote manipulation. 165

The Kennedy family seemingly continued to refuse to go

along with the new order of things. In 1969 Teddy was

making waves since they lost Bobby and Jack, so he had to

be controlled. The powers that be could not continue

executing Kennedys and get away with it. This time a new

165 WeAllBeTV. Dick Gregory Won Pennsylvania With 9 Million Votes in '68 U.S.

Presidential Election. August 15, 2016.


strategy had to be used to discredit the Kennedys, so they

chose scandal. They recognized yet another opportunity to kill

two birds with one stone since Teddy was hosting a gathering

to reunite members of Bobby's campaign staff as he

contemplated a presidential run of his own. E Howard Hunt

and his team of "plumbers" as they would come to be known

during Watergate testimony were dispatched to Hyannisport.

As the Chappaquiddick Island meeting lasted late into the

evening, a sober Teddy finally excused himself around

11:15pm since he was scheduled to compete in a yachting

regatta the following morning. Upon leaving the party he was

bludgeoned over the head, and woke up bloody in his

Massachusetts hotel room. Here he was informed of the

events that had taken place while unconscious and then

threatened; but it was not his life that was threatened, it was

the lives of his children.

An attractive young staffer from the meeting named Mary

Jo Kopechne had been placed in a Kennedy car. She was

taken to Dike Bridge which would be on the way home for

Kennedy and a route he was familiar with. The car was

stopped, the rear passenger window smashed out, and the

gas pedal pinned down. 166 As the car was placed in gear the

166 Damore, Leo. Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-up. Regnery

Publishing, Inc. May 15, 1988. Page 7.


tires dramatically dug up the unpaved road and launched the

car into the water where it came to rest upside down. 167 Mary

Jo did not make it out alive despite evidence she regained

consciousness and attempted to free herself. 168

Now the Kennedys were faced with scandal involving the

death of a young woman paired with sexual undertones, all

of which Teddy was framed for. 169 The evidence clearly does

not match the official story, though it was all believable to

educated, rational, hard-working, citizens. Especially when

considering the rumored extra-marital exploits of his brother

at the White House.

For three days Teddy met with the family and their attorney.

Here they decided to fight back the only way possible, they

concocted an equally outrageous scenario of what happened

to combat the "official" story for posterity and read the

statement on television. Teddy told tales of superhuman feats

of strength and stamina in a vain effort to save the life of

Mary Jo after mistakenly taking a wrong turn off the bridge.

In the end Teddy was found guilty of leaving the scene of an

accident and his image publicly tarnished. 170

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Prescott Bush, the father of George H W Bush, wrote Clover

Dulles, the widow of Allen Dulles, in 1969 a condolence letter.

The letter was discovered among Dulles' papers reminiscing

Bush's meeting with Allen after JFK had fired him in the fall

of 1961. "He [Allen] tried to make a pleasant evening of it,

but I was rather sick of heard, and angry too, for it was the

Kennedys that brought about the fiasco [Bay of Pigs]. And

here they were making Allen to be the goat, which he wasn't

and did not deserve. I have never forgiven them." 171

Donald Rumsfeld started his career in politics during the

Eisenhower Administration and would resign from Congress

in 1969, his fourth term, to serve President Richard Nixon in

his administration. Rumsfeld held a variety of Executive

branch positions throughout the Nixon presidency.

Yale alumni Richard "Dick" Cheney's political career began

in 1969, as an intern for Congressman William A Steiger

during the Richard Nixon Administration. He joined the staff

of Donald Rumsfeld, who was then Director of the Office of

Economic Opportunity from 1969-70. Dick held several

positions in the years that followed, some include White

171 Baker, Russ. Bush and the JFK Hit. Signs of the September 16, 2003.


House Staff Assistant in 1971, and Assistant Director of the

Cost of Living Council from 1971-73. 172 Cheney also

exceeded the maximum allowances of war deferments, he did

not stop with the limit of four, and instead he received five

deferments to keep him from serving during the war. 173

Cheney was not the only chicken-hawk. George H W Bush

was not willing to give over the life of any of his sons for the

war effort. "Poppy's" son George "W" tested in the 25th

percentile out of 100. Yet he leaped ahead of thousands of

the other Vietnam evaders gaining entrance to The National

Guard. The then-Speaker of the Texas legislature sent a

message to Texas Air Guard General James Rose to let in little

George and a few other sons of well-placed politicos. 174

At the 1972 Bilderberg Meeting, David Rockefeller proposed

the Trilateral Commission. The Commission was to "bring the

best brains in the world to bear on problems of the future." 175

Funding for the group was provided by David Rockefeller, the

172 McCollough, Lindsay G.; Gellman, Barton. The Life and Career of Dick Cheney. The

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Down on Bush Draft-Dodging Report Sure to Get a Standing Rove-ation at White

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175 The Trilateral Commission. March 15, 1973. Page 1.


Charles F. Kettering Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

The Trilateral Commission represents a union of experts and

transnational elite from the three noncommunist industrial

regions of the world: North America, Japan, and Western

Europe (excluding Austria, Greece, and Sweden). Rockefeller

saw the need for such a private consultation among these

three democratic areas. With the demise of the Bretton

Woods system, they believed an overhaul was needed due to

the decline in power of the Council on Foreign Relations. 176

The theory was that America's role should be diminished and

made equal to what would become the European Union and

Japan, because together, the three represent 70% of the

world's trade. 177

The Trilateral Commission's founding documents state: "The

overriding goal is to make the world safe for interdependence

by protecting the benefits which it provides for each country